CNN likely bringing live news app to the Amazon Fire TV


It looks like CNN may soon release a Fire TV app with a live stream of their news coverage. Reddit user 08830 noticed that CNN’s device activation page currently has the option to activate apps on the Fire TV, even though no such app exists. The page says “get access to all of CNN’s live and original programming,” so it looks like Fire TV devices will be getting a version of the news outlets CNNgo app, which launched on Roku last December and on Apple TV a couple months ago. Both Roku and Apple TV apps require a cable subscription to access live and on-demand content, so it’s very likely the same will be true if and when the app arrives on the Fire TV.

  1. nyder says:

    Sweet, another comedy news show app.

  2. Al Bundles says:

    Great, the TV version of The Onion. Thanks for the info.

  3. tahlyn says:

    do you think a Sling TV subscription will work once the app is released?

  4. vulcan195 says:

    This news qualifies as a strong contender for Wolf Blitzer’s ‘Breaking News’ segment.

    Anyone waiting for the CNN App, can go to Youtube and access live streams of “France 24” and “Sky News”. But neither of those do holograms.

  5. d3ad says:

    i already have the app sideloaded and it works fine(with air mouse). I get Cnn, CNNI and HLN(which is missing from the ROKU version). I hope the official firetv cnn app has all 3 of these channels live.

    • Vulcan195 says:

      CNNi is where the talent is at. If CNN bosses ever decided to make CNNi available as a separate cable channel, most of the ‘journalists’ from CNNus would be out of a job.

    • DJ1 says:

      Which app have u downloaded ? Care to post the apk link.


  6. Sharon Clerc says:

    Guess I don’t get it. It says I need a cable subscription to use the CNN app on fitre TV. But if I have a cable subscription,(which includes CNN anyway) why would I need the app?

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