ClockworkMod Custom Recovery update released


A new version,, of ClockworkMod Custom Recovery for the Amazon Fire TV has been released by rbox. This new version adds a few features of ClockworkMod that were previously incompatible with the Fire TV. The most useful feature is support for USB drives. Now you can install custom ROMs off a USB drive instead of having to transfer the ROM to the Fire TV via ADB. More importantly, USB drive support means you can backup your entire Fire TV without having to worry about the limited internal storage holding you back. Look for a backup guide coming very soon.

This update also makes ClockworkMod more TV friendly by increasing the font size and by adding empty space along the edges of the display to ensure TVs with overscan don’t cut off the onscreen text. Lastly, this update fixes sideloading files over the network to ClockworkMod.

Download the latest version of ClockworkMod Recovery from and check out my new guide on how to update ClockworkMod for full update instructions.

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  1. Eltremendo says:

    thanks for the good work.

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