ClockworkMod Update adds Kernel Flashing and Adjustable Overscan

ClockworkMod Custom Recovery version was just released last night by rbox. This new version has added the ability to flash custom kernels to the Amazon Fire TV, which are primarily used to overclock the CPU and/or GPU. While there are currently no custom kernels available for the Fire TV, adding the ability to change the kernel is the first step to start the tinkering ball rolling. An overclocked Fire TV would mean better gaming performance and a smoother more responsive interface. Scrolling through a large list of movies in XBMC/Kodi would benefit greatly from a bit of overclocking. This ClockworkMod update also adds the ability to change the amount of overscan padding introduced in the previous version. Overscan padding is necessary on older televisions, especially plasma displays, which cut off a portion of the picture on all 4 edges. Lastly, this new version enables vi, a text editor included in BusyBox. This will allow you to edit files directly on the Fire TV, eliminating the need to transfer files back and forth with a PC. As always, use my guide to either update ClockworkMod, or install ClockworkMod for the first time.

  1. Kramar111 says:

    “You can control the amount of overscan either with FastForward and Rewind buttons or the 1 and 2 buttons. It will save it so the next time it reboots it will remember your choice.”

  2. Gilad says:

    Does this mean we will soon have fully customized Roms?

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