ClockworkMod Update adds Features to Reduce Confusion


ClockworkMod Custom Recovery version has been released with several improvements that should make using it a little easier. For starters, the Amazon Fire TV’s IP address is now printed on startup. Previously, there was no way to determine the IP address, which made connecting to ClockworkMod via ADB a bit difficult. The new version also now hides NTFS partitions on connected external drives that are unmountable but previous appeared as valid directories. External drives need to be formatted with FAT32 to function correctly with ClockworkMod. Finally, this new version of ClockworkMod no longer auto-installs files in the /cache directory because this was causing issues when users mistakenly tried to use the stock upgrade/downgrade procedure with ClockworkMod installed. You cannot use ClockworkMod to install a stock image; you must first restore your stock recovery. As always, follow my guide to either update ClockworkMod, or install ClockworkMod for the first time.

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  1. Luis says:

    I was one of those people that used the stock upgrade procedure with Clockwork Mode installed. I thought I had totally screwed my Amazon Fire TV. To fix it all I did was guess the IP address and connect via ADB. Then push the Stock Recovery as fast as I could.

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