Clock app updated to only show on Home screen


Earlier this week, I wrote about a new app called Clock which adds the date and time to the upper right corner of the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. I mentioned how the app had what I considered to be a flaw where the date and time would remain on the screen regardless of what app you were using. Well, the developer heard our complaints and has updated the app to now only show the date and time on the Home menu. The functionality isn’t perfect since the clock disappears at times when you’d expect it to remain present, like while in the Apps or Music sections of the home app. But, the main feature set works well: the clock is always present on the Home section, and the clock always disappears while in an app or watching a video. The developer mentions in their changelog that a future update will improve the disappearing behavior in addition to adding some customization settings.

  1. hdmkv says:

    Amazon charging a buck for what should be there by default anyway?! Only a buck I know, but still. Will wait until it’s free.

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