Chromecast 4K gains official support for LineageOS 21 custom ROM

While Android phones, especially popular ones, often have several custom operating system options, known as custom ROMs, it’s much rarer for Android-based streaming TV devices. Streaming devices, at best, might see a small group of dedicated modding enthusiasts release an unofficial custom ROM with limited support. That’s why it’s significant that the LineageOS team has officially released a custom ROM for the Google Chromecast 4K.

If you’re looking to try LineageOS 21 on your Chromecast 4K, you can download the official ROM from here and follow these instructions to install it. Unfortunately, because the Chromecast 4K doesn’t have an unlocked bootloader, your device will need to be on a fairly old 2021 OS version in order to use the exploit required to unlock its bootloader and start the installation process.

While requiring such an old OS version means that most people won’t be able to install LineageOS on an actively used Chromecast 4K, the existence of the official ROM might increase the search for a new exploit that allows it to work on the latest Chromecast 4K software version. Alternatively, if you have, or can find, the 1st-gen Onn 4K Box from 2021, that too has an official LineageOS ROM. The good news is that it comes with an unlocked bootloader, so there’s no need to be on a specific software version to install the custom ROM.

  1. Nicholas Cannon says:

    Neat I just wonder how it looks

  2. Rusty Shackelford says:

    The dynalink 4k box also has official lineage

  3. Geoff says:

    Any custom Roms for the fire stick 4k?

  4. j says:

    anyone know if the lineage OS custom rom is x32 or x64bit vairant ?

  5. Keith says:

    The me from like 10 years ago would’ve been all over this. It would’ve been exciting. I remember someone promised to port a custom rom to the original fire tv but he never delivered.
    Now I can’t see wanting something like this on Chromecast. And i don’t have the time to mess around with it.
    Still cool though

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