Chip in to buy Rbox a Fire TV Stick if you’d like

Now that the Fire TV Stick has been rooted, I’ve been helping rbox figure out if TWRP and pre-rooted ROMs are possible for the Fire TV Stick, since he doesn’t own one. It looks like it’s very likely he’ll be able to create custom recovery and pre-rooted images for the Fire TV Stick, so I’ve sent him $55 to buy a new Fire TV Stick w/ Voice Remote for himself. Just as the AFTVnews community chipped in to buy rbox a Fire TV 2 when it was first rooted, you’re welcome to chip in and help with his Fire TV Stick expense. Once $55 in donations is reached, I’ll remove the donation button and refund any excess donations.


That didn’t take long at all! Brian C. rushed in with a $50 donation with Kevin L. and Brad H. rounding off the last bit needed. Thanks James F. for your $5, but I’ve refunded it. If anyone would still like to contribute, general donations are always welcome. You may donate to rbox or to myself.

Brian C. $50 ($48.25 donation – $1.75 PayPal fee)
Kevin L. $5 ($4.55 donation – $0.45 PayPal fee)
Brad H. $5 ($4.55 donation – $0.45 PayPal fee)

  1. Justin says:

    Does rbox still have a Fire TV 1 to test with for Fire OS 5 recovery? If not, I’d be happy to help chip in.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes he does. Rbox has TWRP recovery for Fire TV 1’s that have unlocked bootloaders (the ones that have clockworkmod installed) working. He’s still working on TWRP recovery for the ones that need to root with KingRoot. I think he’ll release both version together soon. Then he’ll work on the Fire TV Stick once he buys it.

      • Justin says:

        Great. Thanks for the update Elias! I’ll for sure stay put with my unlocked FireTV 1 until rbox releases the new TWRP recovery.

  2. Jerry says:

    Yeah, I think he does… Just no one has captured the update url yet.

    I just donated $5 to rBox for all he has done for AFTV community via the link provided above

  3. Connor Potts says:

    I’d be very interested in getting a pre-rooted image. Any idea when this might be completed? I know it just started, but this is something I’ve been waiting on for a while now.

    • Justin says:

      Rule number one of custom development, if you want it now, learn how to do it yourself. Rule number two, if you can’t, don’t ask for ETAs.

  4. clocks says:

    Elias – In a case like this, I think you can use Paypal friends & family, to avoid fees.

  5. Blicksyne says:

    How are we going to navigate the TWRP interface? Would the remote function there?

  6. Patt2k @xda says:

    Admin of this site. How can I update fire TV stick to 5.0.5 from beta 5.0.3?

    • Jerry says:

      rBox hasn’t released a ROM yet for FireTV stick. Hence the purpose of this post. If you want just a regular update, you need to wait for your device to receive it. Amazon sets the time table on that. No “check for updates” will help speed that up.

      • t3ch42 says:

        True, but apparently setting back to factory reset helps…
        I pushed the button a few times throughout the day with no response.
        As soon as I reset, the update was ready. And of course if you have the software disabled then you need to enable it in your router.

        • Jerry says:

          Interesting. Good to hear. I am waiting patiently with my rooted first gen Fire TV :) I probably won’t update right away anyway, give it some time to make sure there is no issues as it does everything I need right now anyway :)

        • AFTVnews says:

          I’ve noticed this as well. It seems the Fire TV sometimes “caches” the check and doesn’t actually check again when you manually choose the option to check for updates. A factory reset clears the “cached” check which ensures a “real” check. I’m stating all this in quotes because I don’t know for sure that this is what it’s doing. It appears that this has been addressed with Fire OS 5 since those seem to really check every time you select the option under settings. Fire OS 5 is just more aggressive about checking for updates in general. It checks for an update every time you launch the “About” section, even before you scroll down to manually check for updates.

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