CBS’s cheaper ad-supported subscription is now available through Amazon Channels

At the start of the year, CBS All Access, the stand-alone subscription service that gives you access to all CBS programming without needing a cable subscription, became available through Amazon Channels. At the time, only the $9.99 per month commercial-free subscription option was available through Amazon, but now the less expensive $5.99 per month ad-supported subscription is also available. Selecting to subscribe to CBS All Access through Amazon Channels will now ask you to select one of the two plans. Both plans still come with a 7-day free trial and it’s simple to cancel or switch plans with just a few clicks online. The advantage of subscribing to CBS All Access through Amazon, instead of through CBS directly, is that it unlocks all of CBS’s content through the default Fire TV interface and all Amazon Prime Video apps for Android and iOS. Subscribing to CBS through Amazon Channels also grants you access through the CBS app for Fire TV and all CBS apps for Android and iOS by linking your account, so there’s now no reason not to subscribe through Amazon Channels.

  1. Masterblaster says:

    Most ad-subpported services are free but CBS is charging for it.
    The only thing that might be worth paying for is StarTrek since it isn’t available on broadcast.
    But I can wait until it comes out on Blu-ray.

  2. ADAdverse says:

    CBS still doesn’t get it. Charging for the privilege of watching advertising is double-dipping for them and a double nope from this cord cutter. If they charged by half their subscription rate for no-advertising option, we would still be challenged to find a reason to subscribe.

    We are Star Trek fans going way back. Even with Patrick Stewart signing on again to play Picard, we still aren’t interested as their content otherwise is minimally interesting to not interesting at all. Subscribing for one or two programs isn’t worth it at least for us. With the more reasonably priced subscriptions we have that are commercial free, VOD and non-linear we have more high quality content to watch than we have time for.

    CBS remains clueless and is playing a very bad game of far behind the curve catch-up.

    • Mark B says:

      They are taking a page from Hulu. Hulu charges $8 a month AND you have to watch all the commercials during your show, its awful. Don’t quite understand why anyone should be paying Hulu for anything. Same goes here with CBS.

      Expect more of this in the future. Ads on services you pay a monthly streaming fee for, Netflix just announced this, Hulu already does this, all Paid streaming content to have Ads in them within 5 years. Plus watch as less and less content is available anywhere besides these walled gardens on each network. You’ll be paying $5-$9 a month for 30 different services.

      • Joe D. says:

        Not if CBS All Access fails, and we have to make sure it does fail. Do not purchase it no matter what. Even if you’re a life long Star Trek fan like me, they will not see one dollar from me. They already get money my cable company pays them on my behalf, they want more from me and more still for no commercials? NO WAY. Resist by any means necessary. If you do end up buying make sure you have all your friends over to watch so they don’t have to. But it’s best no one pays CBS for anything. Star Trek Discovery is garbage anyway and unfortunately their new series will be as bad or worse.

        • Chris says:

          You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Picard learned this, and I would be surprised if the experience doesn’t play a large part in shaping the person he has become for the new series. I sympathize, but I can’t not watch. We are Borg.

      • Fjtorres says:

        Comparing Hulu to CBS isn’t a fair match: Hulu offers an extensive lineup of exclusives and originals whereas CBS offers what? Faux Trek?
        The issue with streaming services isn’t what you pay for but rather what you get. Plenty of folks find HBO a fair deal at $15 whereas CBS at $10 falls way short.

        CBS overvalues their content. Until they improve their value proposition they’ll be also rans.

    • Fred says:

      Doesn’t get it? They have 2.5 million subscribers. Also have live TV for football

  3. Tony Ramirez says:

    They can keep there “limited commercial” plan if they want. As long as they still offer the no ads version so I don’t have to see another “ask your doctor if” this drug will kill you ad.

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