CBS All Access comes to the Amazon Fire TV


CBS has finally brought their CBS All Access app to Amazon Fire TV devices. The new app is currently only compatible with Fire TV devices running Fire OS 5, which includes the 2nd-gen Fire TV, Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote, and Fire TV Sticks running the Fire OS 5 Developer Preview. This limitation is likely due to copy protection found in the newer operating system that is missing from Fire OS 3. We’re expecting Fire OS 5 to arrive on the 1st-gen Fire TV and older Fire TV Sticks soon, but Amazon has not set a specific date for the software update.

CBS was the last of the 4 major US networks missing or not announced for Fire TV devices. The platform already has an ABC app, with a FOX and NBC app on their way. This new CBS app gives Fire TV owners live and on-demand access to all of CBS’s content through their $5.99 subscription plan which does not require a cable subscription. The app offers a 1 week free trial for you to determine if its worth the subscription fee.

  1. Nate says:

    Couldn’t find app on device. Got app on PC and it said delivered o fire tv. Still can’t find app anywhere. Fire tv os5

  2. Robert Simandl says:

    Yesh, I just looked the CBS app up on Amazon. It still has the little red X next to my Fire TV and Stick. Boo, hiss…..

    • xnamkcor says:

      Add it to your Amazon account library thing, then install the program for installing Amazon store programs on other Android devices, then install the software via that, then use an APK extractor, then install that APK on your Fire TV Stick.

      • Mike says:

        Can you give some more detailed steps to do this. My First Gen box is running FireOS5 but wasn’t sure how to get this going?

        • xnamkcor says:

          Download the Amazon Underground app to a separate Android device, then log into that app and look for something like “My Apps” or “My Library”, should be in the Apps section on the left column(You have to click it first). Then you install the CBS app to the device. Then get APK Extractor. Then Extract it. Then install that APK on your Fire device.

  3. Keith says:

    Copyright protection? Ok i know what it means but wasn’t aware of a fire tv app that could download content…
    Also,CBS is still free (and in HD) over the air so i think $5.99’s a bit steep. Ive said it before in detail so I’ll keep it brief-a major perk of “cord cutting” is to also save money. Netflix, HBOgo, sling, etc is one thing but if we`re tacking on 5.99 a pop for free content you might want to negotiate with your cable provider and see how you do. Consistently poor service got me free basic + hbo. Never use the cable box but that hbogo password is nice!

  4. brain says:

    All I really wanna know is this: does it include on-demand for a decent amount of time? It’s not just current content that I’m looking for, it’s at least a few months, or previous seasons that I’m interested in. Anything less than 30 days is completely useless to me due to viewing habits that cord-cutting has changed.

  5. vulcan195 says:

    Glad to see Fire TV getting some respect.
    I would like to see CNN live stream as well – more importantly, CNN-International Live Stream (like they have on Apple TV 3)

  6. shwru980r says:

    Only the classic programming is commercial free. $5.99 per month to cram commercials down the customer’s throat. No thanks.

  7. Ujn Hunter says:

    What sort of “copy protection” are we talking about? Should I not buy a second Fire TV Stick (w/ voice remote) this Black Friday when it goes on sale?

  8. Meannie says:

    The CBS All Access app is good for entire series viewing of previous CBS programs, past seasons of current shows, and live stream of new episodes. $5.99 is a great price considering what Hulu is getting for long canceled series’ and delayed new episodes at $7.99. Both are great options for those of us who never sign with or access cable.

  9. William Kirkland says:

    So I’m paying for cbs on dish and now I also must pay to use it on the stick?

  10. If I am paying for CBS on Dish I still have to pay for the subscription?

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