Amazon original series ‘The Boys’ debuts Season 2 on September 4th

Amazon has announced that the 2nd season of their sleeper hit original series ‘The Boys’ will premiere on September 4th. However, instead of getting all 8 episodes of the season at once, like with most of Amazon’s shows, only the first 3 episodes will be available at first. The remaining 5 episodes will be released one at a time, once a week, every Friday. If you’d prefer to wait for the entire season to be available at once, the season finale will be available on October 9th. Read more ›

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How to update your sideloaded HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV and Firestick

Since HBO Max is not yet available in the Amazon Appstore, it must be sideloaded. Instructions for how to sideload the app can be found here, but you might be wondering how to update the app once you’ve already installed it. The process for updating is identical to sideloading. Simply open the Downloader app, enter the URL to the newer APK, download it, and install it. The new version will automatically update/replace the old version. You do not need to uninstall the existing version first. A new version of HBO Max was just released and you can get it by entering into the Downloader app. If you need more detailed instructions, follow this guide.

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All Jackbox Games and Party Packs for Fire TV are on sale at up to 50% off

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All of the Jackbox games and party packs for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices have just gone on sale. Some, like the Jackbox Party Pack 6 for $20.99, are at their all time lowest prices. If you’re not familiar with Jackbox, they make party games that are most fun when played with a group of 2-10 people, but there are a few games that also work with a single player. The games are controlled through a smartphone, so you don’t need extra remotes or game controllers to play these games with a bunch of people. If you’re new to the series, I suggest starting with either Jackbox Party Pack 1 or Jackbox Party Pack 2, which are both on sale for 50% off at $12.49. Read more ›

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4K YouTube, Audio Sharing, 4K AirPlay, HomeKit Cameras, PIP, and more come to Apple TV in tvOS 14 update

Earlier this week, Apple held a virtual WWDC 2020, which is their annual developer conference. Among the many announcements made were additions coming in tvOS 14, the next major software update for the Apple TV, later this year. Finally included is support for 4K video in YouTube, 4K AirPlay video support, audio sharing through AirPods, several HomeKit additions like security camera support, Picture-in-Picture, and more. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick is just $19.99 for select customers

Get this Fire TV Stick Deal

The Amazon Fire TV stick is on sale for $19.99 when you enter promocode FIRETVSTICK. This offer is only for selected/invited customers and is not available to everyone, as explained in the offer terms. This is $5 shy of the lowest price that the Fire TV Stick has ever been, so if you qualify, there is a great deal. Amazon has labeled this deal as a “Fire TV Stick Upgrade Offer” so you likely will have had to have used or still use an older Fire TV model to qualify for this promotion. The offer is valid until September 1, 2020 and is limited to one per customer. To see if you qualify, simply add the Fire TV Stick to your cart and enter the promocode FIRETVSTICK at checkout. If you qualify, the 50% discount will be applied in your cart total.

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Kasa Smart Plug is on sale for $8.99 or $31.49 for a 4-Pack — Lowest Price Ever

Get this Smart Plug Deal

Kasa by TP-Link is currently having a sale on their Alexa-compatible smart plugs. A single Kasa Smart Plug is $8.99 with promocode 40KASAPLUG, which is entered at checkout. Even better is the Kasa Smart Plug 4-Pack for $31.49 with no promocode needed. Both of these are the lowest prices that these smart plugs have ever been. These Kasa smart plugs are my go-to recommendation because they’re inexpensive, well made, and reliable. I’ve personally tried Amazon’s own smart plug, Wemo plugs, Lenovo plugs, and a few “no name” brands and the Kasa plugs have given me the least issues. These Kasa plugs don’t require a hub and work immediately through Alexa or their phone app. Do note that this deal is for the HS103 model, which has a 12 Amp limit. That should be plenty for most applications, but if you plan to plug in a high-draw item (over 1,400 Watts), like a portable AC unit or space heater, then you’re better off getting the HS105 model with a 15 Amp limit, but those are not currently on sale.

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How to fix Remote Not Working issues with HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV

Several people are commenting on my guide for installing HBO Max on a Fire TV with issues that their remote is not working in the app. The app installs just fine and launches, but once in the app, they can’t navigate with the remote control. Simply put, the issue is that they/you have installed the phone/tablet version of the app, instead of the TV version of the app. Here’s how to verify the issue and fix it. Read more ›

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Amazon will end support for the Alexa powered Dash Wand on July 21st

Amazon has announced that they’re ending support for their Dash Wand barcode scanner in a month on July 21st, 2020. All indication is that both generations of the Dash Wand will completely stop functioning because Amazon is directing customers to their Device Recycling program in an email sent out this morning. Read more ›

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Google permanently drops price of Chromecast to $29.99 and what it means for the Chromecast line

Google has decided to permanently lower the price of the basic 1080p Chromecast from $35.00 to $29.99. A note about the price change on the Chromecast’s Google Store page lets us know the new price isn’t just a temporary sale and Amazon has lowered their listing to match. This price change, while not too significant on its own, is interesting in the context of what it could mean for Google’s rumored upcoming hybrid Chromecast-Android TV device and the Chromecast line as a whole. Read more ›

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Education app usage is up 400% and Fitness app usage is up 200-300% on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s VP of Entertainment Devices and Services (which includes the Fire TV team), Marc Whitten, was interviewed by Protocol, where he discussed the effects of the pandemic on Amazon devices. Among the largest changes mentioned is an increase of 400% in Education app usage on Amazon Fire TVs. Popular education-focused streaming services like The Great Courses Plus, MasterClass, and CuriosityStream have probably been giving people more variety while indoors, compared to the usual entertainment-focused services. Health & Fitness apps are another category that has seen increased usage, with a 200-300% boost the last few months. The arrival of the Peleton app on Fire TV late last year probably came at just the right time for the popular fitness service. With kids home from school, it’s no surprise that family-friendly content is indexing 40+% higher. You can find pleanty of family-friendly content, and more, in the #AtHome section on Fire TV, which was released a few months ago.

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