All Final Fantasy games for Amazon Fire TVs are Half Price — Their Lowest Price Ever

Square Enix has just put their Final Fantasy games for Amazon Fire TVs on sale for 50% off or more. Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI are all $6.99, which is $8 off of their regular price of $14.99. Chrono Trigger is on sale for $4.99, which is half of it’s regular price of $9.99. All of these prices are the lowest that these classic games have ever been. All Fire TV and Fire TV Edition models are compatible with these games, except the original 1st-gen Fire TV Stick. You can play the Final Fantasy games using either your remote or a game control, but you will need a game controller for Chrono Trigger.

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New Smart Clock attachment released for Amazon Echo Flex

A new Smart Clock accessory for the Amazon Echo Flex has just been released. Just like the Motion Sensor accessory and the Night Light accessory, the Smart Clock plugs into the USB port on the bottom of the Echo Flex. Once connected, it automatically displays the correct time. If you set a timer with Alexa, the display switches to show how much time is left on your timer and then switches back to a clock when the timer ends. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the clock, or you can manually adjust the brightness by saying “Alexa, set clock brightness to [##] percent.” You can also turn off the clock by saying “Alexa, turn off the clock.” The Smart Clock accessory is available to preorder now for $14.99 and will be released in a few days on August 11. If you don’t have an Echo Flex, note that you can save $15 when you buy 2 and use promo code FLEX2PK.

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TikTok releases new app for Amazon Fire TVs but it’s not what you think

TikTok has just released a new app, called More on TikTok, for all Amazon Fire TV devices. However, if you’re a fan of the video-sharing social network, prepare to be disappointed. The app is nothing more than a clunky cookie-cutter web app using the Amazon Creator web-tool that has plagued the Fire TV appstore with a steady stream of junk apps for years. The content in new TikTok app is simply just a subset of the exact same compilation and interview videos already found on TikTok’s YouTube channel. It doesn’t give you access to actual TikTok videos directly, like the mobile TikTok app does, and you’re better off just viewing its content directly on the TikTok YouTube channel using the YouTube app.

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Amazon Echo Shows are appearing as Casting Receivers for YouTube on mobile phones

Amazon Echo Show devices are appearing as casting receivers in the YouTube app for Android, as pointed out to me by an AFTVnews reader. Sure enough, when tapping the cast icon on my phone, both my 1st-gen and 2nd-gen Echo Shows are listed as cast points, alongside my Fire TV devices. Apart from a bit of a loophole, that has since been closed, YouTube apps and Echo Shows have not had any casting interaction in the past. Unfortunately, even though Echo Shows are listed as valid casting receivers, selecting one does not actually work. Read more ›

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New 2020 Fire TV Edition Remote for Toshiba and Insignia TVs is Now Available to Order — Backwards compatible w/ 2018 & 2019 TVs

The new Fire TV Edition remote for Toshiba and Insignia televisions is now available to order for $29.99. While this is the new remote that you get with the new 2020 Fire TV Edition televisions, it is also compatible with all older 2018 and 2019 Fire TV Edition televisions made by Toshiba and Insignia, regardless of model, year, or screen size. If you have a TV made by either Toshiba or Insignia that runs the Fire TV OS, this remote will work with your TV and it comes with several advantages over the older remote. Read more ›

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How to update your sideloaded Peacock TV app on Amazon Fire TV and Firestick — New v1.1.3 released

Peacock TV is still not available on Amazon Fire TV devices, but a new v1.1.3 updated version has just been released. If you’re new to sideloading, you might not be aware that updating an already sideloaded app is as straight forward as installing the new version right over the existing one. If you followed my guide to sideload Peacock TV or are using my Downloader app, simply use the URL in the Downloader app to sideload the latest version of Peacock TV. You don’t need to uninstall the existing version or do anything special if the older version is already installed on the device. Just sideload the new version as you would any new app. After launching the app and signing in, if you get only audio when playing content or the video is frozen, force quitting the app or restarting your Fire TV should solve the issue. To force quit the app, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications and select the app. To restart your device, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Restart. If you need more detailed instructions for sideloading, see this guide and use the URL mentioned above.

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Vizio to appease Walmart’s request by removing Amazon Prime Video button from their TV remotes

As if we aren’t all tired of streaming TV rivalries between big companies affecting consumers negatively, here’s a new one for you. Walmart has told television manufacturer Vizio that they need to remove the Amazon Prime Video button from their remote if they want to continue to sell their TVs in Walmart stores, according to a report by The Information. Vizio has allegedly agreed to remove the Prime Video button, which is one of 6 streaming service buttons, alongside Vudu, Netflix, Xumo, Hulu, and Redbox, on their latest remotes. Read more ›

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Amazon’s Camp Prime suggests at home activities for Kids with Alexa as camp counselor

Amazon has teamed up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to launch Camp Prime, a series of ways for kids and families to have fun at home and stay engaged this summer. If you’re looking for something new to do with kids, there are several activity guides (in PDF format) with ways to recreate a camp experience at home, such as making a Family Camp Crest and visiting The Canteen (a.k.a your kitchen) with recipe ideas. While not required, if you have an Echo device there are suggested Alexa commands in the guides to improve the activities, like saying “Alexa, play Campfire Sounds” for the Campfire Stories activity or saying “Alexa, open Bug Facts” for the All About Bugs activity.

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HBO NOW app will become ‘HBO’ and HBO GO app will be removed on Fire TVs

Just a day after posting about the possibilities of what will become of the HBO apps on Fire TV devices, we now have some definitive answers. Amazon and HBO have still not reached an agreement to bring the new HBO MAX app to Fire TV devices, but they have reached an agreement to keep some kind of HBO app access on the device. On August 1st, the existing HBO NOW app will remain on Fire TV devices, but it will be renamed to simply ‘HBO.’ At the same time, the HBO GO app will be removed with no replacement app. Read more ›

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HBO GO and HBO NOW apps will likely be removed from Amazon Fire TVs on Aug 1

HBO and Amazon have not been able to reach an agreement to bring the new HBO MAX app, which is supposed to replace both HBO GO and HBO NOW apps, to Fire TV devices. According to Variety, the existing arrangement between HBO and Amazon is set to expire on July 31st, which means that, come August 1st, one or both of HBO’s apps may be removed from Fire TV devices. Read more ›

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