Cablevision bundles Web, Digital Antenna, and optional HBO Now in new “Cord Cutter” package

Cablevision, a cable and internet service provider in the greater New York area who operates under the Optimum brand, has debuted two new packages targeted towards new media. The first bundle, officially called the “Cord Cutter” package, combines 50 Mbps internet service, a complimentary over-the-air digital antenna, and wifi hotspot access for $45 per month. The second “Everyday Low Price” package combines the same digital antenna and wifi hotspot access with slower 5Mbps internet service and a VOIP-based phone service for $35 per month. Subscribing to either plan grants you the option to add HBO Now for $15 per month. Being an Optimum internet subscriber is currently the only way to sign up for HBO Now outside of Apple’s current exclusivity deal.

These new bundles aren’t groundbreaking, but it is the first time an internet service provider like Cablevision has ever handed out digital antennas to their customers. With Sling TV gaining in popularity and Verizon offering semi-a-la-carte programming earlier this month, expect to see more interesting ways for traditional content providers to appeal to cord-cutters and cord-omg-lmao-yolo-ers.


  1. Justin says:

    That’s the service I use. Kind of funny to see a cable company offering a cord cutter package. Of course with the way cable companies operate this deal is still only for new customers while I’m stuck paying $65 for just internet at the 50 speed. Fios isn’t available at my address so they know I have no other option for internet.

    Until Roku and of course Fire TV offer HBO Now apps it’s kind of pointless to offer the hbo now addon. Using it through sling makes more sense at the moment since Now only works through apple tv or computers. Yeah, you can hookup your laptop to your tv but if you’re paying $15 a month you want the most convenient options to be available.

  2. clocks says:

    Are these bundles everyday pricing, or shoot up after a year?

  3. pmcd says:

    What is a digital antenna? Is it just a fancy way of saying they will provide OTA TV channels over the internet to a computer? Since they are delivering things over cable anyway it’s not clear what advantage this would unless support for media players was planned.

    • Bob says:

      From the article, it has nothing to do with the over the internet channels: The digital antenna that Cablevision will provide is the state-of-the art Mohu Leaf® 50 (valued at $69.99) that will receive available over-the-air broadcast channels.

    • Justin says:

      Yeah this is just internet service and giving you an antenna so you can watch ota TV on your TV. If it’s a mohu at least it’s a good one and it’s cheaper than what you pay if you’ve been a customer like me.

  4. David says:

    In 2013, Time Warner Cable offered free OTA antennas to subscribers affected by a carriage dispute with CBS.

    Of course, while TWC is an Internet service provider, that instance pertained to its cable television service.

  5. Chahk says:

    Just chatted with a CS rep, and they confirmed that this service is restricted to new accounts only. Even if I cancel existing service and re-sign up, I won’t be eligible – they count that as “restarting” customer.

    IMHO, Cablevision can keep their shitty OTA antenna, and their overpriced add-on packages.

    • Jacob says:

      That’s interesting because I know at least two people who called, and switch to this package.

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