Caavo receives FCC approval for a New Remote Control

An FCC filing for a new remote control from Caavo has just popped up. If that name isn’t familiar to you, the company released the Caavo Control Center which acted as a very ambitious universal remote that could control Fire TVs, Rokus, Apple TVs, Nvidia Shield TVs and more through an elaborate combination of machine vision, Bluetooth, network protocols, and on-device companion apps. Apart from changes to its pricing model, Caavo hasn’t done much since the release of its first product in early 2019. This upcoming new remote could be an indication that the company may be working on a new product.

The new Caavo remote appears to be a revision of their existing remote. The new remote carries model number W4.1.1-R1-100 while the existing remote uses the similar model number W4-R1-100. The FCC ID of both remotes is also very similar, with the new remote just adding a ‘1’ at the end. Both remotes use Bluetooth LE for connectivity and the same frequencies.

The similarities between the new and the existing Caavo remotes certainly could mean that the company is simply tweaking the design of its existing control center slightly and that there isn’t a new product in the works. That said, we’ve seen numerous companies, including Amazon with the Fire TV, release completely new devices while keeping the same remote. Even if this new Caavo remote is essentially identical to the existing remote, it could be paired with an all-new device.

Caavo currently doesn’t sell their original control center anymore. The Caavo website only lists a certified refurbished version of the Caavo Control Center, but trying to buy it leads to the Amazon page of a product that has been out of stock for about a week. The company’s 3 co-founders still list themselves on LinkedIn as being with the company so it seems like the company is continuing to chug along. The only apparent change in leadership is that the original co-founder/CEO is now a co-CEO with one of the other co-founders, as of the start of this year.

Caavo had some very interesting ideas for how to simplify the control of media devices. Hopefully this new remote means we’ll be seeing a second-generation Caavo device soon.

  1. TechyChris says:

    If any can enlighten me, why not use the remote that comes with your device?
    My cheapo Insignia Tv remote controls both my fire TV (through HDMI-CEC) and of course, my TV. So why would I purchase this?

    • Probably best to look up a review video on YouTube to really understand the product. It’s not really meant for someone who has 1 or 2 devices connected to their TV. It was for people that have many devices. You use the Caavo interface to select what to watch and then the Caavo takes care of opening the right app and starting the media on the right device and then switching to that input.

      For example, let’s say you had a Roku and a Fire TV connected. If you picked a show to watch that was on Peacock, then it would know to play the show through Roku since Fire TV doesn’t have Peacock (officially) yet.

  2. Bill Kothman says:

    We purchased a Caavo system because our Roku stick lacked a mute button (since corrected by Roku) and was unable to control soundbars. Also it added easily switched extra HDMI ports to our smaller TV. Very nice hardware. But we canceled the subscription to their search service – which had to be their main revenue model – because it didn’t include searching OTA (we have a Tablo Quad) or newer streaming services.

  3. don says:

    good news hopefully they wont go the way of orbyTV perhaps a new model that will allow dolby vision/atmos and updated 2.1 hdmi ports have 5 of these current units and and legacy 8 port 1080p model they can telescope to other caavo remotes and see what is being watched on another caavo setup i use 2 caavo units side by side for 8 ports into LG GX77 works fine but for dolby atmos streams and 4k players which i use another port for

  4. Reg Gosnell says:

    No comment

  5. MIKE says:

    Does anybody know how to look at a shows information on the new controller?

  6. Wil Knight says:

    It turns on and off my Vizio 55 inch smart tv only one problem it don’t let me use input I still have to use the old Vizio remote if they can fix that so it initiates a input I will ditch my Vizio remote as this remote feels better . Also I like the design of Caavo it should have an expansion port to play Nintendo wii or PlayStation one.

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