[UPDATED] Buy a $50 Amazon Gift Card and get $10 credit for Free — Select non-Amazon gift cards also qualify

As it tends to do with every large sale, Amazon is offering a free $10 credit when you purchase one of several $50 gift cards. Unfortunately, this time Amazon is only making the deal for purchasing a $50 Amazon Gift Card available to those that haven’t purchased one recently, so the landing page for this deal might say you’re not eligible. However, even if you don’t qualify by purchasing the Amazon Gift Card, you likely qualify for the free $10 credit if you purchase one of the other $50 gift cards. These are the participating $50 gift cards and the promo code to use with them to get the $10 credit: Amazon with code NEWGC2022, Panera with code PANERA22, Gap with code GAP22, Dinning Card (works at Cheesecake Factory, Red Robin, BJ’s, Outback, and more) with code DINING22, Entertainment Card (works at AMC, Grubhub, Dave & Buster’s, and more) with code YOU22, Fanatics with code TRUEFAN22, and Doordash with code DASH22. Just add a $50 gift card from any of the ones I just listed to your cart and enter the promo code to see if a message appears that says you will get the $10 credit. Note that the Doordash card is the odd one out and needs to be $100 to get $15 in free credit.

Update: I can confirm, from my own purchases, that you will get $10 for EACH code you use. You can’t use the same code twice, but each new code you use from the ones listed above will earn you an additional $10 credit.

  1. Anthony Rossetti says:

    Wow Amazon is getting really cheap with their promotions lately.
    Says I am not eligible and I haven’t even bought any gift cards recently
    Haven’t they been making obscene record profits since the pandemic too, absolutely

  2. GL says:

    The “Amazon” with code “NEWGC2022” did not work for me. Error was “promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase”

  3. Mark says:

    Didn’t work for me, same as the new Cube code didn’t. I feel that being a Business Prime member has something to do with it, same as with the Luna debacle I reported some months ago. Interesting.

  4. Joe says:

    Once again, it sucks that it doesn’t work in Canada :(

  5. Ruth says:

    I have never purchased a gift card and the promo number didn’t work for me either

  6. AA says:

    I also never purchased a gift card and the promo code doesn’t work. Chat tells me that I am a free trial member and it is only valid for Paid members. But I just signed up and free trial is what you get when you first sign up. Amazon seems to be scamming folks to try to get more prime members.

  7. I want to buy Amazon gift card

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