Bug in screensaver could be consuming extra bandwidth

Amazon has done some investigating into a blog post blaming the Fire TV’s ASAP feature for consuming 80GB of bandwidth in one day. As a result of the investigation, Amazon uncovered a bug with the Fire TV’s screensaver which, if set to the non-default Mosaic option, may not be caching images correctly. This bug causes the Fire TV to re-download images every time the screensaver starts.

“There is a small possibility if a customer uses the ‘mosaic’ feature—not the default setting—on the screensaver, images will not be cached,” an Amazon representative said. “We’re working on a software update that will fix the bug, and in the meantime customers can turn off the mosaic view for the screensaver to avoid the issue.”

If you have limited bandwidth each month, or are concerned with consuming wasted bandwidth, here is how to disable the buggy mosaic screensaver option:

  1. From the Home screen, scroll down to “Settings”
  2. Scroll right once to “DISPLAY AND SOUNDS” and press select
  3. Select “Screen Saver”
  4. Scroll down to “Slide Style”
  5. Select either “Pan & Zoom” or “Dissolve”

  1. mjbxx says:

    Great find. I am thankful that the KFTV was not set to mosaic screensaver out of the box as that would have been a disastrous waste of bandwidth. This blog is great way of keeping up with all things KFTV and I’ll be frequently visiting for the timely information it provides.

  2. KillerJoe says:

    Yeah this blog is great for us who own KFTV. I too visit this blog frequently for useful information. Thanks for your hard work

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