Bookmarker for YouTube app is now available in the Amazon Fire TV appstore

I have just released a new version of my Bookmarker app called Bookmarker for YouTube in the Amazon Fire TV appstore. The new app is functionally identical to my previous Bookmarker apps, but it has YouTube’s television optimised URL preloaded and provides a more relevent icon.

My Bookmarker apps allow you to enter any URL so that you have a one-click icon on your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Edition television home screen that takes you directly to the website of your choice in the Silk Browser or Firefox. This new Bookmarker for YouTube app does the same thing but saves you the trouble of filling in the URL and, more importantly, gives you an icon that is more representative of YouTube, which is something many of you have asked me to add.

The icon I chose for the app is a simple play button. It’s representative of YouTube but can be used for other media related websites if you’d like since, like my other Bookmarker apps, you can enter any URL you want in the app. YouTube’s URL is pre-filled in the app, but it can be changed so that you can use the app as a shortcut for any website you’d like.

The main advantage of using this Bookmarker for YouTube app over the default YouTube app in the Fire TV appstore is that you can configure which browser you’d like to use. Once you select a browser, you will not be asked to select it each time the app loads like the YouTube app makes you do.

There are certainly other ways of browsing YouTube on a Fire TV than with the Silk Browser or Firefox, such as using the old version of the YouTube app, but for those who are using the browser, this app will save you a click or two.

  1. next please.

    Not sure what could work as an icon. Don’t actually have a pressing need, but it’s all I could think of that would benefit from a similar dedicated shortcut.

    Honestly, maybe just a bunch of generic clip art icon variations would be useful. Not sure how many versions you can have in the store.

    You might be able to solicit some business from websites for making custom shortcuts for them. Just preset the URL and get a relevant logo for them, even better if they release the app under their dev account.

    Just thinking out loud, you’ve got some really elegant solutions to the issues with the ftv environment.

  2. Charlie says:

    Will this now update with notifications, since it’s in the app store?

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