Blink announces all-new Indoor and Outdoor Cameras with up to 4 years of battery life

Blink, which has now been an Amazon company for nearly 3 years, has just announced their all-new Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor security cameras. These new cameras continue to provide Blink’s unique capability of lasting up to 2 years on just 2 included AA lithium batteries, thanks to their proprietary chip technology. For the first time, Blink has also announced a Battery Expansion Pack which adds 2 additional batteries for up to 4 years of power.

These new Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras are pretty much identical, apart from the weatherproofing of the outdoor version. They both record 1080p video at 30fps with a 110° field of view and both have infrared lights built-in for night vision. Motion detectors on the front of these cameras keep them in a standby state, to preserve battery life, until motion is detected and recording begins. The outdoor camera, in addition to being water-resistant, can withstand temperatures between -4 to 113° F, while the indoor camera needs to stay between 32 to 95° F.

Each camera kit, available with 1 to 5 cameras, comes with the new Blink Sync Module 2, which serves as a communication hub for up to 10 cameras. Unlike the previous Sync Module which just connected the cameras to the internet, the new Sync Module 2 has a USB port where you can connect a USB flash drive to use for local video storage if you don’t want to pay for the cloud storage subscription. The recently released Blink Mini wired indoor camera can also connect to the Sync Module 2 for local storage.

These new Blink cameras all come with free cloud storage through the end of 2020. After that, you’ll have to pay for Blink’s Cloud Storage Subscription if you want to access recordings from anywhere. The basic subscription costs $3/month (or $30/year) for a single camera and the premium subscription costs $10/month (or $100/year) for unlimited cameras. Both subscription plans will store video in the cloud for 60 days and have a limit of 2 hours of video storage. The subscription is not required for live streaming, motion-activated notifications, or using a flash drive for local video storage.

Both the new Indoor and Outdoor Blink cameras are available to pre-order today and will be released on September 16th.

Blink Indoor comes in the following kits/packs:

Blink Outdoor comes in the following kits/packs:


  1. Bob says:

    How does this new outdoor camera compare to the Blink XT2?

  2. Edgar R. says:

    Is amazon competing with itself since they also own Ring?

  3. Kris says:

    I’ve heard that if you have the XT or XT2 cameras, you do not need to subscribe and recording to AWS will remain free (for now).

    • Eddy says:

      Yes. Plus, if adding Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras to an existing Blink system that has been activated on or before 4/15/20, you will be grandfathered into your current free cloud storage model in the Blink app. Systems activated after 4/15/20 will receive motion alerts and be able to enter Live View for free, with the option to access video recordings in the Blink app through a cloud storage subscription. Local Storage options are available with the Sync Module 2 and a removable USB storage drive.

  4. HeyRadar says:

    $30 is too much. Maybe $10.

    Reminds me of the $20 plastic Echo stands. $0.50 worth of plastic for a severe markup.

  5. Charlie Cunningham says:

    Can indoor and outdoor blink cameras be used together

  6. Fuzzy says:

    Which flashdrives are compatible with Sync Module 2?

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