Black Friday Tip: Items bundled with Echo Dots may cost LESS than the item by itself

While you’re shopping Amazon’s Black Friday Sale, be on the lookout for items that have the option to bundle in an Echo Dot. The bundled price of the item and the Echo Dot will sometimes actually cost less than if you purchase just the single item by itself.

Amazon will be bundling a lot of Alexa related products together this holiday season. Most commonly, you’ll see an option to bundle an Echo Dot bundled with something that Alexa can control. Even if you’re not interested in purchasing an Echo Dot, take a second to check how much the bundle costs because there’s a decent chance that adding an Echo Dot to the purchase will actually lower the total price.

Amazon currently has the 43-inch Element Fire TV Edition Television on its own for $449.99. If you select to purchase the TV bundled with an Echo Dot, the total price of the bundle is $432.48. You save $17.51 overall by choosing to take what is essentially a free Echo Dot.

While the price doesn’t always drop when you bundle in an Echo Dot, it often may surprise you how little the extra Echo Dot increases the price. Take the Harmony Home Hub, for example, which is currently listed for $87.99. Buying it bundled with an Echo Dot increases the price by only $2.

It’s not always obvious that these bundles exist and, unfortunately, they hardly ever show up in searches on Amazon. New bundles will likely be available during Amazon’s Black Friday sale and disappear once the sale is over, see keep your eyes open before adding items to your cart. I’ll be hunting down and posting all the best deals I can find throughout the week, including these types of bundles, so check back often to see what I’ve found.

  1. shaggydv says:

    Any rumors that Amazon TV’s will be coming out with a 4k HDR TV soon? That is the only thing keeping me from buying one.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I haven’t heard anything yet. The current TVs were announced in January at CES, so I expect we’ll hear something soon. If I had to guess, I’d say we will see an HDR capable Fire TV Edition television released in 2018, but it probably won’t be until at least Q2 or later.

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