Best Buy’s Insignia releases new 2022 model budget Fire TV Smart TVs with 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions

Best Buy has released a new set of budget Fire TV Smart TVs under its Insignia house brand for 2022. These TVs include 720p and 1080p resolution F20 Series TVs and 4K resolution F30 Series TVs. So far the released sizes include 24, 32, 42, 65, and 70 inch TVs, but there’s evidence of additional sizes yet to be released. Unlike Insignia’s more premium F50 Series TVs with QLED screens, these TVs offer basic features but, as a result, are usually the least expensive Fire TV Smart TVs available.

All Insignia F20 and F30 Series Fire TV Smart TVs, regardless of size and resolution, share several common specs. They all use LCD screens with LED direct-lit backlights that are capable of a maximum of 60 Hz refresh rates. They all have nearly identical connectivity which includes 3 HDMI ports, composite video, optical audio, a headphone jack, WIFi 5, Ethernet, and a single USB 2.0 port. They also all support Bluetooth as well as Apple AirPlay.

The 720p F20 Series models are currently available in 24 and 32-inch sizes, but there is mention of an unreleased 39-inch 720p model in Insignia’s documentation that may be released at a later date. As for 1080p F20 Series models, those are available in 32 and 42-inch sizes and, similarly, there’s evidence of a 24-inch 1080p model that might be released in the future. As is typical for Insignia’s non-4K TVs, none of the F20 Series models support any form of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. You do, however, get a single HDMI-ARC port for return audio capabilities.

As for Insignia’s F30 Series TVs, which are the 4K budget models that step up the resolution to 2160p, those are currently only available in 65 and 70-inch sizes. Insignia typically also has the F30 Series available in 43, 50, 55, 58, and even 75-inch sizes, but so far there is no indication that those other sizes are being released in 2022 models. The two 4K sizes that are already released support HDR10 but do not support Dolby Vision or HDR10+. They do have three HDMI 2.1 ports, of which one is HDMI-eARC compatible.

As a first, Best Buy is actually listing the peak brightness of these 2022 model Fire TVs, which is a spec that is usually omitted. The 24 and 32-inch sizes have a peak brightness of 200 nits, the 42-inch size tops out at 250 nits, and the 4K models can reach 300 nits. Take these values with a grain of salt because Best Buy is notorious for listing errors in its TV specs. For example, some models list no Ethernet, when the box and photos of all TVs clearly show wired network ports. Additionally, the 4K models originally listed support for Dolby Vision, which would have been a first for the F30 Series, but that has since been removed and replaced with HDR10. Another first, which may or may not be accurate, is the listing of contrast ratios for Insignia’s budget TVs this year. Those values seem all over the place since the 65-inch model is listed as 1,000:1, while the 70-inch model is 3,500:1 and the 24-inch model is 3,000:1, but the 42-inch is only 2,000:1.

The internal specs for these new 2022 Fire TV Smart TVs are unknown, but I suspect they will be identical to the 2021 Insignia models, which were identical to the 2020 Insignia models. If the specs are the same, I expect the 4K F30 Series models are powered by a MediaTek MT9020 (MTK T31) quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU and Mali-G52 MP1 504 MHz GPU with 2 GB of RAM. The F20 Series TVs are probably powered by an Amlogic T950Z quad-core CPU and Mali-450 MP3 GPU with 1GB of RAM. Insignia was the only brand to release Fire TV Smart TVs in 2021 with only 8 GB of internal storage, even for its 4K models, while all other brands switched to 16 GB. It’s unknown if Insignia finally made the much-needed upgrade to 16 GB of storage with this year’s 2022 model TVs or not.

These new 2022 model year Fire TV Smart TVs from Insignia are identified by the “…23” at the end of the model number. They are available immediately through both Amazon and Best Buy. See the links below.

2022 Insigna 720p TVs

  • 24″ Insignia F20 Series (Model NS-24F201NA23) – AmazonBest Buy
  • 32″ Insignia F20 Series (Model NS-32F201NA23) – AmazonBest Buy
  • 39″ Insignia F20 Series (Model NS-39F201NA23) – Unreleased

2022 Insigna 1080p TVs

2022 Insigna 4K TVs

  1. John Grabouski says:

    Just picked up the 24″ 2022 model Insignia w/Free Echo Show 5 (2021) for total of $79.99 plus tax via Best Buy site (pick up at store or free delvery). Amazon also lists at $79 but not sure if it includes the FREE Echo Show 5 (2021).. You may have already posted this but JUST IN CASE. PS…WE ALL APPRECIATE THE CONSTANT HEADS UP on all your POSTINGS. And an early Happy Holidays (returnable thru Jan 31, 2023). HO HO HO! [Now that I think about it, will need to check to see which remote it included.]

  2. John P G says:

    I should have mentioned this was listed at $89 in your original September post. Not sure when the price change occurred. Thanks again. [And this is the 720p version.]

  3. Vince Castillo says:

    I had really hoped Insignia and Best Buy would of taken the time to fix these TV’s issues. They are barbarically bulky and heavy offering many constant blurring moments and abusive brightness that overwhelms the screen on dark scenes.

    These Tv are total trash for unknowing middle America for all the loyal Dr. Phil loyalists who can’t tell the difference between 720p and 4k. So sad indeed…

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