Best Buy & Staples to sell Fire TV Stick for $24 starting 11/23 [Expired]

Starting November 23rd thru the 29th, both Best Buy and Staples will be discounting the Fire TV Stick down from its retail price of $39. Best Buy will sell the device for $24.99 while Staples will sell it for a little less at $24 even. My contact at Best Buy tells me stores here in Los Angeles will be getting about 80 units each. No word on whether the sale prices will also be available on each retailer’s websites. Some Best Buy locations have incorrectly put up the display you see above early, resulting in a few customers getting a jump start on the sale.


  1. Y314K says:

    Like HotCakes!!!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Haha, I have only one TV in my house yet I have 4 Fire TVs and 2 Fire TV Sticks … and I’m still considering getting in on this sale. But then again, I’m not exactly a normal consumer.

      • Y314K says:

        Same here.. Got 3 rooted FTV’s for the 3 TV’s… And I am waiting for my two AFTVS’s (Dec. 3rd) but I am already looking to give one of the FTV’s away to someone that is moving abroad. And I think I already promise a friend to lend one of the AFTVS’s too. So I might still be in the market for more.. Specially since Staples sent me 2 $30off$60 coupons this month that expire next week.

        I can either get a 1x FTV for $48 or 3x FTV Sticks for $45. Also wanted to get some powered USB Hubs to try out the external storage on some FREE 16GB SDHC cards MicroCenter is giving me. But I can always wait for more free coupons from Staples for those… But I think the $74 & $24 deals on AFTV & AFTVS’s won’t come as often…

      • hdmkv says:

        Normal is a relative term ;) … I too have more FTV’s than I can really use: 4x FTV boxes and 2x FTV sticks.

        • Y314K says:

          I was not even planning on joining the FTV scene… I was gonna try to get the best full Google TV type of device ($100-$150 each). But Staples started to send me pairs of coupons at the exact same time Amazon/Staples started to put the FTV’s on sale & @ the same time that rooting started to be targeted..

          I’ve paid $48 for every single FTV I’ve ever bought. To good a price not to buy. Would be loosing money if I didn’t. LOL

        • AFTVnews says:

          LOL. Well I run a website about the device. What’s your excuse? :-)

  2. jim says:

    My SO and I used to have 5 tvs 5 vcrs 2 surround sound systems and 1 6 disc cd change. Two years later they were all obsolete.

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