Best Buy, Staples, B&H begin taking pre-orders for next-gen Amazon Fire TV

If you prefer to order a 2nd-gen Fire TV from a physical store, then you’re in luck. Best Buy, Staples, and B&H are now taking pre-orders for the new device. One advantage of ordering from one of these retailers over Amazon is easier returns since you can return the device to a physical store if you decide it’s not for you, instead of dealing with return shipments back to Amazon. You can also often buy Fire TVs for less than their retail price of $99.99 using various coupons available from these retailers. In addition to the regular Fire TV, all three retailers are also selling the Gaming Bundle (Best Buy|Staples|B&H) for the same price as Amazon with the same new game controller and 32GB microSD card.

    • cdlenfert says:

      Nice! thanks for sharing. That does leave you with $10 on a Staples gift card. I guess we all need paper and tape though.

    • natebetween says:

      Tried to add the coupon to the card and to text it to myself. Looks like one-time use code:

      *Coupon codeCoupon couldn’t be redeemed:
      The entered coupon has already been used and is therefore no longer valid. Please try another coupon.

  1. natebetween says:

    Most of the coupons say not valid on Amazon items. Anyone have any luck with any that work? I got in on the $85 for $100 Staples GCs…but wouldn’t mind shaving of a few more bucks if possible.

  2. Mel Trago says:

    i pre ordered from best buy the day they were available for pre order. a few days later i got an email saying the ship date was moved from oct 5th to sept. 30th, but nothing has happened. not sure why i received that email.

  3. natebetween says:

    Fantastic. Ordered 2 $25/$75 coupons from eBay. As well as the Staples $100 GC for $85.

    Here’s my breakdown:
    Fire TV for $100 – $25 Coupon = $75
    Fire TV Gaming Bundle $140 – $25 Coupon = $115
    Total = $190 – 30 Gift Card discount for $200 GC = $160 + $12 for 2 coupons = $172

    So, $172 (plus tax) out of pocket for the $100 Fire and $140 Fire Gaming, with $10 GC Value left. Not bad!

    I kept tax out to keep the math simple, since Amazon would have taxed me anyways…that part is a wash. Basically saved ~$34 for each bundle over Amazon (maybe a little more since I’m not sure if Staples taxes on amounts taken off by coupons or not).

    • fedemx says:

      did the $25/$75 coupons from eBay were sent to your email?
      from which seller you bought them?

      • natebetween says:

        Yes…there are many sellers. I bought from one that had good feedback and said “instant” delivery…which it was pretty much. $5.99 for the coupon. You can only use 1 per account if it has the same first 5 digits. Also 1 coupon per browser session until you clear your cookies. I ordered using my account, and using my wife’s account.

  4. Bubblex says:

    My local bestbuy has the new fire tv and tablets in stock today
    Just seen them on the shelves and for sale today.Nashville

  5. Paul Taylor says:

    If you happen to have an iPhone 6 or 6S and a Discover card, you can pay with Apple Pay at Best Buy (and I think Staples) and get 10% cash back from Discover.

  6. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the coupon idea and gift card deal

    $85 for $100 gift card
    $6 for $25 off

    Only paid $80 for fire tv after tax +$6 coupon

    So I have $20 left on gift card hard

    Savings of $40

  7. jimberkas says:

    I ordered from Staples on Sept. 21
    I had a $30 off $60 physical coupon code mailed to my house. So I got the Fire TV for $74.80 after taxes.
    So far, its telling me it will deliver Oct. 6

  8. Sudie   says:

    I ordered it from Best Buy when they were available for pre-order. While purchasing it, I used Dealhack coupon and saved bucks of money in my pocket.

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