Best Buy reveals new Toshiba C350 Series 4K Fire TV Smart TV models for 2023

Best Buy has just listed new 2023 model year Fire TV Smart TVs from Toshiba. These new C350 Series 4K TVs are updated versions of Toshiba’s first C350 Series TVs released in 2021. The C350 Series TVs fall in the middle of Toshiba’s Fire TV lineup where they offer better specs than the cheaper Toshiba V35 Series but aren’t quite as good as Toshiba’s M350 Series TVs. The new Toshiba C350 Series Fire TVs for 2023 are currently listed in 43-in, 50-in, 55-in, and 65-in sizes.

Little is known about what, if anything, is different about these new 2023 model C350 Series Fire TVs from Toshiba compared to the older 2021 models which are still being sold. While Best Buy does list the specs of these new TVs, some of the information that is currently on the product page seems inaccurate. For starters, the 50-in model is listed as having a direct lit backlight, like the 2021 models, while the other three sizes are listed as having full arrat local dimming backlights, which is a feature Toshiba usually reserves for its higher-end M550 Series Fire TVs.

I don’t expect these new 2023 TVs will differ much from the 2021 models they’ll likely be replacing. The new ones likely support Dolby Vision and HDR10 video with average peak brightness capabilities for mid-to-low-end 4K TVs of around 300 nits. To differentiate the 2023 models, look for an “L” as the second to last character in the model number, since the 2021 TVs use a “K” in that position. I’ve reached out to Amazon about the specs of these new TVs and will update this post if I hear back.


Amazon got back to me and confirmed the specs on Best Buy’s website aren’t accurate. These TVs have direct lit backlights, not full array local dimming, and do support Dolby Vision and HDR 10. They have 3 HDMI ports, of which at least one is HDMI 2.1 for eARC support, so that’s one less HDMI port than on the 2021 models.

  1. Mark says:

    $529 for the 65″ sure is a heck of a release price!

  2. Tj says:

    I wish Amazon offered trade-ins for their biannual TV releases like they do with their tablets and other devices. Would love to upgrade if the picture is better, especially for hdr content. The 2021 is dull throughout and is kind of a disappointment.

  3. Jason says:

    Are they releasing 2023 version of the m550 tvs? Also the 2021 c350 only had edge lit backlight but advertised as direct lit. So skeptical if the 2023 c350 are in fact direct lit or not? The huge bonus of these models or atleast of the 2021 versions were the backlight were completly flicker free, slow pmw backlight flickering can cause serious image duplication like on the hisense a6h

    • JamesC says:

      I bought the new L version this weekend. It does have Dolby vision and the sound it different as it now has Dolby Atmos. We have yet to try it out. The TV was a gold deal for $250 for the 50″. The warranty card has Hisense written all over it. One issue with the TV is that all the connectors are in the middle in the back of the TV and not the edge so if you are mounting it too the wall make sure all your connections are made before you mount it.

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