Best Buy lists the Fire TV Blaster as a “Clearance” item

Best Buy, along with many retailers, currently has most Fire TV devices on sale to match Amazon’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts, which are scheduled to end at the end of this week. However, Amazon already ended its discount on the Fire TV Blaster, but, strangely, Best Buy has not. That’s because Best Buy has marked the Fire TV Blaster as a clearance item, which could mean that the product will soon be discontinued.

The Fire TV Blaster serves a very straightforward task, which is to allow Fire TV Stick and Fire TV owners to control their home theater devices with Alexa voice commands over infrared (IR), much like the Fire TV Cube can. Once the Fire tv Blaster is set up, you can tell your Echo to “Turn on/off the TV” or to “Turn the volume up/down on the TV.” However, the setup and execution, which have improved greatly since it first launched in 2019, were always a bit clunky and limited. You need to ensure you have both a compatible Fire TV model and Echo model, you need to use both the Fire TV app and Alexa app during setup, and, in the end, the result didn’t have all the same capabilities as a Fire TV Cube.

If the Fire TV Blaster is being discontinued after just 2 years, it’s not terribly surprising. It doesn’t seem like it has been a popular product since it has only received about 2,600 reviews since its release 2 years ago. For comparison, the Fire TV Recast has about 10,000 more reviews than the Fire TV Blaster, even though it has been around for just 1 year longer, and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max already has twice as many reviews as the Fire TV Blaster in just 2 months.

If you own and use a Fire TV Blaster, rest assured that it will surely continue to function for a long time. Being discontinued, if that is what’s happening, likely just means Amazon will continue to sell the stock it has and not produce more units. It also likely means that it won’t be gaining any new features, so if you were hoping to use it to control other non-home theater IR devices, that functionality is likely never going to be added.

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    I think I must have read some conflicting reports about the Fire TV Blaster as some reviews seem to indicate that it acts pretty much like a Harmony without the $100+ pricetag? Does it not allow you to control anything except the TV set?

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