Best Buy is clearing out their Fire TV voice remote covers for $1.99 with free shipping — UPDATE: Now $0.99

Now that the new Alexa Voice Remote with additional volume and power buttons has been released, Best Buy has put their remote covers for the old Fire TV voice remote on clearance for $1.99 with free shipping. The covers are available in multiple colors through Best Buy directly and through their eBay store. These covers will fit all Fire TV voice remotes that don’t have power and volume buttons EXCEPT for the remote that came with the 1st-generation Fire TV box. While the covers are labeled as being for the Fire TV Stick, all voice remotes that shipped with the Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 2, Fire TV 3, and the original Fire TV Cube bundle will work with these covers. The covers are available through Best Buy in Gray, Blue, Teal, and Orange. They’re also available on eBay, sold by Best Buy, for the same price in Gray, Blue, Teal, and Orange.


Some colors are now $0.99.

  1. Erin says:

    Great stocking stuffer! Especially for families with several FireTV remotes in the house that somehow end up in the wrong rooms.

  2. Patricia says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just purchased 2 because I use one in my living room and one in the bedroom. These will keep my Fire TV remotes clean too. To be honest I never even knew you could buy covers for the remotes.

  3. damien says:

    thank you my dad will love it he cant see the black remote

  4. Conie says:

    Thank You, just ordered 3 of them. They will help protect the remotes from falls and make them easier to locate.

  5. Noelle says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have 3 on the way! This will help the remote stands out because of the bright colors.

  6. midwaybrit says:

    Grey and the Teal now down to 99c each….another hour and they will be free !! I just got myself 4. Thanks for telling us about these.

  7. Red says:

    Thanks for updating.
    Price adjustment to $0.99 given on the orange ones I ordered earlier @ $1.99.

  8. Patricia says:

    I received a price adjustment on the teal colored remote cover I ordered at 1.99. I got 1.06 back for it.

  9. Some One says:

    None left on eBay!
    All colors but Navy Blue are $0.99 on

  10. t3ch42 says:

    Any good deals on the 1st gen firetv remote or the 1st gen non-voice firestick remote?

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