Best Buy delivering 2nd-Gen Fire TVs ahead of release date


If you pre-ordered a new 2nd-gen Fire TV from Best Buy, you may want to check your doorstep. One commenter on just received his new Fire TV from Best Buy two days early. We’ve already seen that Best Buy doesn’t quite have their ducks in order since they’ve been displaying the new Fire TV on store shelves already, even though their point-of-sale system isn’t letting anyone purchase the new device before its official October 5th release date. Looks like those restrictions don’t extend to their shipping department.

  1. clocks says:

    I ordered from Staples a couple days ago, and the orders still show “processing”, which I assume means they have not shipped. Bummer.

    • natebetween says:

      Same here. Went in to the store to see if they had them on display like BB…no dice. So, it’s looking like it’s going to SHIP Monday, but probably won’t get until Tuesday or Wednesday.

  2. El says:

    I have already got an email saying that Fire TV 2 was shipped and would arrive tomorrow. So the release date is the same :)

  3. natebetween says:

    Do we know anything key about it that we were waiting to find out or verify? Kodi? NTFS vs FAT32? Etc.

  4. Grinder says:

    Bad news if you have any interest in Kodi. Firestarter and Llama are broken on the AFTV 2.0 because of buggy OS 5:

    That will also apply to the first gen when OS 5 is rolled out in the coming week or two.

    This could signal the end of the AFTV for most of us on this blog.

  5. Dr. Popo says:

    Mine arrives today! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Can’t wait to get home!

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