Benchmark comparison of 1st & 2nd Generation Fire TV

Now that we know for sure that the device which showed up in the leaked benchmark report a few months ago is in fact the new Fire TV, we can take a closer look at those benchmark results. Here’s a CPU and GPU comparison of the first generation Fire TV compared to the next generation Fire TV that was announced last week.


I’ve added benchmark scores for the Fire TV Stick at the request of some readers.

It’s important to keep in mind that we don’t know the exact state of the 2nd-gen Fire TV when these benchmark tests were performed. It could have been anywhere from an early test unit, or a near production device. Until we can get our hands on the real thing, this is the best glimpse at what kind of performance boost the new Fire TV will bring. These values are from GFXBenchmark’s recorded 3.0 tests for the new Fire TV and old Fire TV.


First are GFXBenchmark’s “T-rex” benchmark results. This is a demanding OpenGL test that utilizes 3D graphics, high resolution textures, parallax mapping, motion blur, and complex particle systems. These results are the best indication of the new PowerVR GX6250 GPU’s raw performance in gaming compared to the Adreno 320 GPU in the 1st-gen Fire TV.

The results show the new Fire TV has nearly twice the gaming performance of the current Fire TV. The new Fire TV was able to render 1,507 frames during the test at 26.9fps while the 1st-gen Fire TV only managed 803 frames at 14.3fps. The Fire TV Stick scored 226 frames at 4fps.


Next up is GFXBenchmark’s ALU test. This is a low-level benchmark that tests raw shader performance. Shader complexity impacts lighting, animation, and image quality in apps and games. The 2nd-gen Fire TV managed an 8% improvement over the 1st-gen device. The new Fire TV rendered 1536 frames at 51.2fps in this test while the old Fire TV rendered 1,418 frames at 47.2fps. The Fire TV Stick scored 138 frames at 4.6fps.


Last is GFXBenchmark’s Driver Overhead test which, unlike the previous two tests, stresses the device’s CPU performance more than the GPU. This test taxes the GPU’s software driver by performing many draw calls for simple primitives. The results show how fast the software processes the various calls. This test can be influenced by driver software improvements found in Fire OS 5 on the new Fire TV over the ones in Fire OS 3 on the old Fire TV.

The new Fire TV blew the old Fire TV out of the water, performing nearly 3 times better. The 2nd-gen Fire TV pulled in a score of 1,780 frames at 59.4fp, which is a 283% improvement over the 1st-gen Fire TV’s score of 628 frames at 20.9fps. The Fire TV Stick scored 247 frames at 8.2fps.

While benchmark scores are not the best indicator of real-world everyday improvements, it’s nice to see the new Fire TV is no slouch. Hopefully developers will find entertaining ways to use all this new power.

  1. The Pathfinder says:

    Can you include the fire TV stick in these comparisons?

  2. Dan says:

    Anyone know what these performances differences might mean for deinterlacing? The old box has problems with software deinterlacing 1080i mpeg2 on my comcast transport stream from my HD Homerun Prime.

  3. Klarya says:

    Would be nice, if someone can test old aftv with os5?
    there might be the new opengles drivers so result will be a bit different?

  4. Tim says:

    I would like to see the benchmarks of the new Fire TV vs Nvidia Shield TV.

  5. Kevy Kev says:

    You just plain kick a** for posting and updating is stuff.
    Crap I wonder all day and you have it right here before I ask.
    You guys rule!

  6. Chahk says:

    What’s this stuff about 2nd Gen remote controllers no longer using BT to connect? Will my Harmony Ultimate still work, or am I hosed?

  7. pj says:

    How does the two aftv’s compare now they both have the os,is the aftv2 still loads faster, cus mine sometimes lags a bit since I’ve just updated TV from a 40″ plasma to a 55″led,thks in advance,,,pj

  8. pj says:

    Sos meant to say
    Now both generations have the same os running,,,pj

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