Battery Boot makes the Amazon Echo completely portable


If you want the portable battery powered aspect of the Amazon Tap, but don’t want to give up the always-listening functionality and superior sound of the Amazon Echo, then the Battery Boot may be for you. Battery Boot is a new 3rd-party accessory for the Amazon Echo, which began shipping to customers this week, that simply adds a battery to the bottom of the device. There are three models available, which range between 6 hours of battery life for the least expensive model, to 14 hours of battery life for the top model. Pricing starts at $69.99 for the low end EcoBoot, and climbs to $99.99 for the top tier MegaBoot. The least expensive Battery boot uses the Echo’s standard power cable to charge, while the middle and high end models come with a separate charging cable. With all models, the Echo can be used while the Battery Boot is charging. The Battery Boot is not compatible with the Echo Dot, since that uses a micro USB cable to charge and the Echo uses a round power port.

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s great news seeing as I have so a number of Echo’s and was considering purchasing the tap.

  2. Rajendrakumar says:

    It’s another interesting addition to Echo..!!! I feel it’s little over priced… I got my Echo for $99.00 and now again putting another $99.00 for this Megaboot won’t be a good idea.

  3. Chuck B says:

    I love this but agree that the price is a little high. This is something that amazon should have built into the echo in the first place. I think they could mass produce something similar to this and make a fortune. I have a tap and really enjoy the ability to carry around with me but the sound could be a little better especially when outside.

  4. Martin Hernandez says:

    I’ve been a Beta tester for this product and I can said that the hours on the Power boot and mega boot are a little bit conservative .. I’m getting more hours than that .. You will know what I’m saying when you get yours…

    • unknownsoldier says:

      99 bucks is a bit ripe for a battery in a “boot” when the Amazon Tap goes for around $130. My Tap does a great job in allowing Alexa to stray from her home in the family room. A couple of Dots in the upstairs area provide complete coverage at home.

      I think the battery boot will get the boot if the price is not dropped to a more modest and appropriate level. Even @ $69.99 I don’t see it as a must have for my Echo.

  5. Ujn Hunter says:

    Looks like it’s a battery in a 3D Printed sleeve. Shouldn’t be that difficult to make. Definitely not worth the $70-100. Gives me some ideas for a rainy day though. $20-40 and I’d pay for one rather than make one myself.

    • Peter says:

      I use my phone battery charger with the Dot and got over 27+ hours, with streaming over 2 hours of Music. The charger cost 19 bucks from Amazon when it was on sell, normal price is 24 bucks.

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