Battery Base turns your Amazon Echo into a portable speaker for less


Mission Cables, the same company that makes the PiggyBack Remote for the Fire TV Stick, has released Battery Base for the Amazon Echo. Battery Base, as you’d expect, is a battery that attaches to the base of the Amazon Echo to make it a portable device. Much like the Battery Boot that I wrote about last week, the Battery Base claims to last up to 6 hours of playback time. However, unlike the Battery Boot which costs $69.99, the Battery Base retails for a much more reasonable price of $49.99. The Battery Base attaches to the Amazon Echo via a non-slip silicone inner liner, has a power button on the front, two indicator LEDs, and charges using the standard Echo power cable. The Echo can be used while the Battery Base is charging, so you never need to disconnect the Battery Base.

While Amazon does make the Amazon Tap portable speaker with Alexa capabilities, it doesn’t have the always-listening feature of the full fledged Echo, which is easily its best feature. If you want portability and always listening capabilities, your only two options are attaching a battery to the Amazon Echo, or the newly announced Triby speaker from third party manufacturer Invoxia. Note that the Battery Base is not compatible with the Echo Dot, since it uses a different power connector from the Echo.

  1. Chuck B says:

    This thing would be killer if it came with a charging base similar to the amazon tap. I have a amazon tap and love how easy it is to charge by simply placing on the charging station, no fiddling with wires. I think Amazon should of build this feature into the next version of the Echo. I can understand that the Echo is supposed to be a stationary item by design. I do enjoy my Amazon tap how easy it is to throw in my pocket and bring with me around the house but the sound does suffer compared to the Echo.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    See, this one looks better. Wonder how strong the grip is… I agree if they could have made this thing sit on a wireless charging base, it would be perfect. However the fact that it uses the same charging cable is a great design in itself. Might grab one of these to test it out.

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