Autocomplete will soon be coming to Amazon Silk browser for Fire TVs

A new upcoming feature for Amazon’s Silk browser on Fire TV devices should make entering URLs a lot easier. The release notes for the app have been updated to say that autocomplete suggestions for the search/URL field are being added. As you can probably guess, the field will populate a list of suggestions that you can select from, as you type something out, to save you from having to type out an entire URL. While the feature is included in the current release notes, I’ve learned that it’s not yet available and will soon be rolling out slowly. Only certain Fire TV models, such as the Fire TV 3, are currently receiving the new version 71 of Silk at first. Other models will receive the update soon. Once all Fire TV models have access to version 71 of Silk, the autocomplete feature will be remotely enabled for everyone to use.

  1. Justin Seine says:

    Two+ years ago I discovered that the Silk Browser accepts Revoked SSL/TLS Certificates. I reported it and immediately stopped using the Silk Browser. Several months later I tested it again and discovered that it still accepts Revoked SSL/TLS Certificates. I wrote it off as something I will never use again and did just that until I saw this article just today (1/5/2019). I decided to take a another look since 2 plus years had passed and guess what? The silk Browser still, to this day, accepts without question or warning, Revoked SSL/TLS Certificates. In a word? “UBBELIEVABLE”.

  2. Len Mullen says:

    I just want to be able to set the home page to my plex server. Is that possible? Plausible?

  3. David S. says:

    Justin, have you tested Firefox for that severe security issue? Is there another browser for FireTV that you recommend instead?

    Len, have you tried using the Bookmarker app(s) for that? Or are you asking about bypassing the Fire TV home page?

    • Justin Seine says:


      Firefox is the only cross-platform browser that includes its own mature certificate verification technology. Chrome and Opera have both abandoned theirs. This means that, unlike Google’s Chrome browser, Firefox’s operational security is not limited by features of the underlying operating system platform. For example, when running on Android today, Google’s Chrome browser performs no revocation checking of any kind. Even Google’s own CRLSet system is completely nonfunctional. Chrome depends upon Android to provide connection security information. Firefox does not.

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