Ask Alexa to find your Fire TV remote and be able to use wired headphones with this new Fire TV gadget

The Remote Plus V2 by Third Reality is a new gadget that attaches to your Fire TV remote to add several handy capabilities. If you lose your remote a lot, the Remote Plus V2 has a built-in speaker that will beep when you say “Alexa, find my remote” to an Echo device. The gadget also has a headphone jack that allows you to use wired headphones to listen to your Fire TV’s audio. Lastly, there is an LED, which is pointed up at the Fire TV remote buttons, that can make using the remote in a dark room easier.

As the name suggests, this is the second version of this product from Third Reality. It is only compatible with the 3rd-gen Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, which is the model with four app buttons along the bottom. The first version of this gadget, released in 2019 for the 2nd-gen Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, has all the same features but does not allow you to ask Alexa to find your remote. Instead, you have to use a mobile app to make the remote beep with the old version. If you’re not familiar with the company, Third Reality is the same company that makes all the various Echo Flex attachments, so it has a tight relationship with Amazon.

The Remote Plus V2 attaches to the Fire TV remote by replacing the battery door on the back of the remote. It does not actually interface with the remote at all but this newer version is specific to the 3rd-gen Fire TV remote because the battery door of the 3rd-gen remote differs slightly from the 2nd-gen remote. The Remote Plus V2 attachment uses its own built-in battery that is recharged through a micro USB cable. The battery is said to last 30 hours of private listening through the headphone port or 6 months of standby for the remote finder functionality.

Using the Third Reality Alexa Skill, the Remote Plus V2 can be discovered by an Echo device. Once discovered, you’ll be able to say “Alexa, find my remote” or “Alexa, ring my remote” to make the gadget start beeping. While beeping, the LED on the device also begins to flash to make finding it a bit easier. Instead of using Alexa, you can also use a mobile app to trigger the beeping, just as you could with the older Remote Plus V1. The LED on the gadget can also be turned on using a button on the device to help illuminate the remote buttons in a dark room.

The Remote Plus V2 can be paired to any Fire TV as a standard bluetooth device to facilitate private listening. Once paired to your Fire TV over Bluetooth, you can connect wired headphones to the headphone port on the bottom edge of the device. Volume up and down buttons on the Remote Plus v2 are used to change the volume.

The Remote Plus V2 costs $29.99, which is $10 more than the first version which can still be purchased for $19.99. However, in addition to adding the Alexa finding feature, the new version comes with two silicone cases, a red and a blue one, that fits over the remote and gadget.

  1. Keith says:

    Great idea. I don’t need the headphone port but like that it adds size and has a finder.
    $30 is too much for me but I hope they sell well. Maybe Amazon will take notice and make this the new stock option.

  2. Simon says:

    Alexa, find my remote should be a build in feature

  3. Andrew says:

    Great device. But unless you specifically want it to listen to audio, it’s overpriced for something that should already be built into the remote (the find remote feature).

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