Appstore mixup makes MrMC temporarily not available on the Amazon Fire TV Cube

As MrMC users start to set up their shiny new Amazon Fire TV Cube, they’re going to hit a roadblock. That’s because MrMC is currently not available to install on the Fire TV Cube. MrMC’s developers tell me that an Amazon Appstore mixup is keeping their app from being available on the new device.

Amazon’s developer portal allows an app developer to indicate which Fire TV models their app is compatible with. When a new Fire TV model is released, Amazon automatically flags apps as compatible with the new device that they feel won’t have issues running on the new hardware. My Downloader app, for example, was automatically marked as compatible with the Fire TV Cube without me needing to do anything.

Like many other apps, MrMC was also automatically flagged as compatible with the Fire TV Cube, but for some unknown reason, it is not actually downloadable on the new Fire TV. MrMC’s developers are looking into the issue and will hopefully correct it soon.

For now, if you don’t want to wait for the appstore mixup to be resolved, you can use MrMC Lite. That’s the free version of MrMC that comes with some restrictions, but it is currently the only version that is installable on the Fire TV Cube.

  1. Llyod says:

    I’m given the option to install it on my FireTV cube, but it wants me to pay $2.99, even though I be already own it!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the heads up. It correctly came up as previously purchased on my Fire TV Cube and downloaded fine without needing to pay again. Try going to Settings > My Account > Sync Amazon Content. Also, try restarting the Cube is syncing doesn’t fix it.

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