Apple TV app is now available on most Android TV devices

Nvidia has announced that the Apple TV app is now available on Shield TV devices. Taking a look through my assortment of Android TV devices shows that it’s available on all of them, including the Tivo Stream 4K, Walmart Onn UHD Streaming Device, and Mi Box, so, it seems like the app is now widely available on most Android TV devices. Google announced last year that the Apple TV app would be coming to Android TV devices, starting with the 2020 Chromecast. The Chromecast received the app in February and now others have received it.

It’s not often that a new major streaming app is released, so I think it’s interesting to track its propagation. The order in which different platforms receive a new major app is telling of which platform might be perceived as more important and/or which platforms are the quickest to develop for.

The first non-Apple devices to receive the Apple TV app were Samsung smart TVs, which received the app the same day as Apple devices in May 2019. I’m guessing Samsung TVs received the app so much earlier than any other non-Apple device because of an existing agreement between Apple and Samsung around iTunes, which made its way to Samsung TVs in January 2019.

Several months later, LG smart TVs were the next set of devices to receive the Apple TV app in early October 2019. Roku devices received the app next in mid-October 2019 and Fire TV devices followed closely in late-October 2019. Xbox and Playstation gaming consoles received the Apple TV app next in mid-November 2019. Sony smart TVs were the first devices running Android TV to receive the app in October 2020. The Google Chromecast received the app in February 2021 and now other Android TV devices finally received the app today.

  1. Zen says:

    Is it available on fire tv

  2. Tim Cook says:

    I too, love Andorid devices.

    (You have a typo)

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