Apple Music is coming to Amazon Echo and Alexa devices next month

Amazon has announced that Apple Music will be available on Alexa devices, such as Echos and Fire TVs, on December 17th. Apple’s subscription streaming music offering is among the most popular services, thanks to the popularity of Apple’s mobile devices. This isn’t the first time Apple Music has been made available on non-Apple devices, since there is an Apple Music Android app, but Echo devices will be the first non-Apple smart speaker platform to natively support the service. Once an Apple Music Alexa skill is released, customers will only need to enable the skill and link their account to begin streaming Apple music through Alexa. All 50 million Apple Music tracks, including radio stations, like Apple’s live Beats 1 station, will be available through standard Alexa voice commands.

  1. Sebastian says:

    I’m definitely enjoying this newfound “love affair” between Amazon and Apple it has been one announcement after another about collaboration between them.

    I only hope that it will also cause for Google to come back. We would all benefit if all of them buried the hatchet.

  2. Michael says:

    This is amazing news. I don’t really go “all in” with a particular ecosystem – I prefer to use (what I feel) are the best of all worlds. To me the Apple TV is the best TV experience and Apple Music is the best music experience. And in the home, the Echo devices and Alexa assistant are by far the best and what I prefer. Until now there was always a glaring disconnect among these devices. Now I can have my music across everything I use. And when the Echo Auto comes out, this will be even more amazing.

    Classic example that when these companies put aside their petty crap consumers WIN.

  3. Noel says:

    Will it have app on top of just Alexa support ?

  4. tampa8 says:

    I don’t use anything from Apple but this is very big news. SiriusXm on Echo was huge for me. Between QVC, Amazon, Target etc there must be huge numbers of Echos/Dots etc being sold and having those two services has something to do with it.

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