Apple announces new Apple TV 4K with HDR

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage today at a special event to announce new Apple products. Among them was the announcement of a new Apple TV capable of 4K video playback at 60 frames per second, as well as HDR video. The new Apple TV supports both of the two most popular HDR standards, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The new hardware looks exactly like the existing Apple TV and uses the same Siri remote.

The new Apple TV 4K, as it is officially called, packs in Apple’s A10X processor. Apple says the new CPU is twice as powerful and the new GPU is four times as powerful as the existing Apple TV. This allows the new device to output its user interface in full 4K. It also has 3GB of RAM, which is an increase from the 2GB in the current Apple TV.

Just like the existing Apple TV, the Apple TV 4K will come in the same two internal storage sizes. The 32GB model will be $179 and the 64GB model will be $199. Apple will continue to sell the existing Apple TV, capable of only 1080p, at the same price of $149.

As for 4K content, Apple says major Hollywood studios are on board to bring their movies in 4K to Apple’s iTunes Store, including 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bors., and Sony Pictures. As the rumors suggested, Apple negotiated with these studios and says the price of 4K movies will be the same as the 1080p HD versions, but specific prices were not revealed. Apple also says that movies available in 4K that customers have already purchased from iTunes in HD will be available to users in 4K at no additional charge.

Also available on the Apple TV 4K when it launches will be 4K content from Netflix and Amazon. Apple announced earlier this year that Amazon Video was coming to the Apple TV for the first time later this year. We now know it will include Amazon’s 4K original TV shows.

The new Apple TV will be available on September 22nd. Preorders start September 15th.

  1. Leedsgreen says:

    Maybe Anazon will now offer 4K content at a reasonable price? At the moment its ridiculously expensive. Here’s hoping :)

    • Michael says:

      And also not plentiful enough. Unless I am missing something – they don’t offer most movies in 4K currently right? Even the new Guardians movie for example is only showing as “Buy in HD” on Amazon.

      • Leedsgreen says:

        Good point. Maybe a design by studios to limit release and cash in on 4K fad. Hopefully this announcement by Apple will hamper that as well.

  2. Craig says:

    $179? Only new hardware feature is 4K HDR?

    Anyway… So how bout the weather we’re having?

    • RobGuy23 says:

      Sounds like a fair price to me. Is this the cheapest Apple product in existence?

      • Ralph M. says:

        Maybe it would have been a fair price had they improved the remote control. But many people, some of whom I know use the Apple TV, complained about how finicky the touch pad is on it making things very difficult to control.

        • gdroid666 says:

          the remote sucks but the whole UI does too
          it’s torture to use especially trying to type

          • RobGuy23 says:

            You’re not supposed to type, you’re supposed to talk to it. That’s what they’re all trying to get us to do.

            I think the Android TV remotes suck too. I wish the Amazon remote had maybe 2 more buttons, but at least it’s better than the Apple and the Android TV remotes.

          • pmcd says:

            I like the remote although I prefer using a Harmony hub based remote for all my media players. Nevertheless, off all the remotes for those media players I find the ATV one the best. To each his own of course.

          • Tony Ramirez says:

            And it is the same remote too. Also the box is the same ugly turd that will keep falling down on my wall because of the weight. Skipping this. I hated the last ATV so much.

          • mikah says:

            Like the current fire tv and all others before it aren’t ugly turds? Same boring black box. Puhlease.

        • Ray says:

          The Apple TV remote takes some getting used to, but once you do, it’s pretty darn cool. Especially the way it gracefully “scrubs” through a video. If I want to catch up on an previous TV episode, I’ll slowly scrub through it with the remote. A box appears on the timeline showing a mini version of the screen, which smoothly flows from one scene to the next. You can get the gist of an hour-long episode in about 12 seconds. It’s really awesome!

          I do have the issue of frequently picking it up and pointing the wrong end at the TV, but the new version will have a white ring around the Menu button to help orient users.

          As far as user interface, I’m sorry, Apple’s blows away Amazon’s IMO. So much so that the only thing I use my 2nd Generation Fire TV for is for Kodi, as everything else is so much more of a pleasure to use on the Apple TV.

    • pmcd says:

      You also have gigabit Ethernet which is really a nice change. Only the Shield has had this among major streamers. Glad Apple hasn’t forgotten those who prefer a wired connection.

  3. Masterblaster says:

    Where’s the device Apple?
    Amazon FireTV or Nvidia Shield TV is still a better buy!!!

    • dave says:

      AppleTV is better then the FireTV, I have both. However the remote sucks and I hate typing with it but I don’t have to do that much.

      Now what about Live Sports that they mentioned

      • Bill says:

        If you have an iPhone or iPad as soon as you bring up the text box on the Apple TV a notification pops up on your device with a keyboard. Works great for me. I also use the remote apps for text entry on the Fire Tv and Nvidia Shield Tv. My passwords are to long and complicated to enter on any streaming device with the remote.

    • Marky says:

      Yeap, they have in the U.K. Priced the higher storage Apple TV higher then the Nvidia Shield?? Madness, the Fire TV is a lot better value.

    • pmcd says:

      The Shield TV is great. My favorite media player by far. The Apple TV is far more popular with all the rest of my family than the Fire TV. It’s really hard to compare media players as it depends on your particular circumstances. The Shield, Fire and Apple TV players are all good. The Fire TV seems to have pursued an odd UI path and I really don’t like the ads, but it’s still nice. A lot of people seem to want Kodi, and not MrMC, for the AddOns. I doubt that group is a target audience for the Apple TV. If you aren’t in that group then I would rank both the Shield and Apple TV ahead of the Fire TV (which is still very good), depending on how important Prime is to you. Without Prime the Fire TV is nowhere near either of their other two players I mentioned.

  4. Ralph M. says:

    Now that we know that the next gen Apple TV will have both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, it would behoove Amazon to release their next version Fire TV 3 box (cube) with both as well. I just can’t imagine a new Fire TV flagship without it if Amazon already offers content in both HDR versions on Amazon Prime Video.

    As far as the new Apple TV, I would like it more if they had actually done something with the remote control, which many people have complained about. Since they did not, I wouldn’t consider the Apple TV next gen.

  5. shwru980r says:

    Amazon still has the option to purchase content in SD at a reduced price. the best OTA can do is 1080i. Cable companies like Comcast downconvert the video to 720p. Not sure there is enough demand for 4K content.

    • RobGuy23 says:

      OTA with 4K HDR is already being broadcast on this planet. Should be broadcasting in the USA next year.

    • pmcd says:

      I agree completely. The whole 4K thing is of little concern for the vast majority of people. No content. It’s not as bad as the 3D fiasco but almost no one needs 4K anything in my opinion. It’s always next year with these devices. People need to decide what they use now and perhaps a couple of months down the road. Then go for that. 4K, 3D, Smart TV’s … all just marketing.

      • Al Roman says:

        … for folks who bought a 4K tv or two because that’s almost all you can buy anymore.. folks would like to see some content from Netflix and Amazon in that format. I am not one of those people but the only thing between them and seeing 4K content is their streaming box… and for $50 bucks or whatever, if I had a 4K tv I would go for a 4K device on at least one tv.

        Somebody still wallowing in 720p

        • pmcd says:

          I agree that prices between 4K and 1080p sets are very close. Same between Smart TV’s and ordinary sets. If you have to buy now then you’d probably end up with a 4K TV which is also a Smart TV. At that point you don’t really need a new media player. People who already have Apple TV’s would benefit little with a new one. Same with Fire TV users. My TV’s are Smart and 3D. Never use either now. I do use the Shield TV and everyone else uses the 4th gen Apple TV. The Fire TV gets used for Prime Videos. I don’t know what to say. There is not an overwhelming case for 4K, Smart or 3D. Heck, there isn’t really an overwhelming case for 1080p. What Apple seems to have been missing all along has been that it’s all about content. Maybe there just isn’t enough content available. Leaving out sports and news does anyone still watch (live) TV? Moreover, with every dog and cat starting up a content channel how long before people revolt against that? I am not a theatre fan at all but I was “dragged” off to one the other day and to my amazement it was a zillion times more enjoyable than almost anything I have seen on TV for years.

          Call me cynical but the Apple, Amazon, Google, etc… gangs are delivering not much more than cheap tricks to get people buying things they don’t need. I have been a “victim” for years! I just have a hard time getting excited about anything they come up with now.

  6. Michael says:

    That guy on stage really should tuck his shirt in.

  7. Edgar R. says:

    Hoping the new flagship firetv(3) will offer more 4k content. My tv supports 4k and HDR. And you can tell the difference between 1080p and 4k.

    • Michael says:

      Agreed. That’s really what won me over about the new Apple TV. CONTENT. I’m not saying I will buy one necessarily. It’s needlessly overpriced which is par for the course with Apple. But as someone with a 4K and HDR TV set, they definitely seem to have the content. That screenshot in this article showing the movies tiled out – pretty much none of them are 4K through Amazon. Some are 4K in other services like Vudu. If they all are 4K through Apple, then they are definitely all in with 4K and would in theory be a good fit for my setup and wanting the best picture possible.

      Not sure if this is a studio thing or Amazon just not fully embracing 4K content with their studio partnerships due to cost, or something else. Definitely confusing!

      • RobGuy23 says:

        If Amazon offered 4k HDR content, then you would have to buy a different streaming device since the Fire TV does not support that. I bet after the Fire TV 3 is released, Amazon will suddenly have more 4k HDR content.

        • Dave says:

          Agreed. It would seem really bizarre and confusing if Amazon releases the Fire TV 3 but does not offer the content that the device is intended to support. That would definitely seem like a missed opportunity and Amazon would get a lot of flack for that decision, and deservedly so.

          • Michael says:

            Both of you guys make good points. I am sure/hoping that will be the case. And I wouldn’t be too surprised if a similar pricing deal were worked out for 4K vs HD. Maybe even deals for Prime members or something. Who knows but here’s hoping!

  8. Al Roman says:

    Eddie Cue is the guy… life is too good for him he’s not hungry enough for his role, he’s phoning it in… get some body else so Apple TV isn’t meh for a premium. It should at least be wow for a premium.

  9. Sam says:

    I love how the headline picture showing “4K” is perhaps the blurriest photo possible.

    • Michael says:

      I also loved how during the presentation Apple spent several minutes explaining 4K and HDR as if they both haven’t existed for years now!

      • Al says:

        Exactly.. it was as if somebody told Eddie he had to talk for 10 minutes and he didn’t have anything to say except.. “I love sports and Apple TV will be great for live sports” (how Eddie? Show us an example besides thumbnails of sports videos with red “live” boxes in the corner) and explaining to a tech crowd what HDR and 4K is. Seriously that guy has way overstayed his welcome. At least the finally took Siri away from him recently.

      • pmcd says:

        I have no idea what either is nor do I care. Unless you are into sports where is the content? There’s barely enough good 720p/1080p content. The whole 4K thing is for the future. It’s a marketing ploy at this point. I wish they would stop with the future ware. Whatever the market penetration is of 4K equipment divide that by 4 to obtain the percentage of people who make even moderate use of it.

  10. Jerry says:

    As someone who had an Apple TV for years (rev 3 and 4), I finally switched to a Fire TV earlier this year and I’m happy with it. For one, Plex isn’t terrible on it (not sure if this has been fixed on Apple TV), and two – I can get other apps I want, like Twitch. Why there is not an Apple TV Twitch app I’ll never know.

    So before I go back to Apple, I want to see these new Fire TVs. If at least one has Dolby Vision along with HDR10 I’ll stick with it. Even if I do end up turning off all the Alexa features

    • pmcd says:

      Plex seems fine with the Apple TV. I personally prefer MrMC on my Shield but everyone else around seems happy with Plex on the Apple TV. Plex has too many platforms to maintain and every now and then one of them goes through a rough period. I prefer the Kodi interface and don’t really need most AddOns so MrMC is ideal. The thing about that app on the Apple TV ( actually almost every app) is there’s no way of quitting or refreshing it easily beyond force quitting. That is somewhat annoying.

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