App Shortcuts, a Fire TV remote app launcher, has been released

The remote app launcher, App Shortcuts, that I was able to show off last month has been released for iOS. The app allows you to remotely launch any app on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick using your smartphone or tablet. An Android version is currently pending approval in the Google Play store and should be available soon.

The developer’s original plan was to charge for the Fire TV app and release the smartphone/tablet apps for free. That has changed due to Amazon rejecting the Fire TV app; citing that it created “an inconsistent user experience.” As a result, the developer has released the Fire TV app for free. You can download it from the developer’s website and sideload it onto your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Both the iOS and upcoming Android companion apps are also free, however extended features added in future updates will require an in-app purchase.

  1. edrebber says:

    Will the app be compatible with IOS 5 or 6?

  2. tlchris says:

    the app to sideload on the firetv is a zip file, shouldnt be an apk file ?

  3. tlchris says:

    thank you

  4. John says:

    Any app for windows phone? :(

  5. Ujn Hunter says:

    Please update this App to support iOS6. Not everyone was dumb enough to update to iOS7. Thank you. No reason this App can’t support iOS5 or iOS6.

  6. Ali says:

    Great app. Please support multiple AFTVs as it will be pain to remember multiple IPs and which AFTV each belong to.

  7. RideTheAFTV says:

    Please support multiple AFTVs. A Name and IP for each AFTVs will be great.
    And i found a BUG. If you install the App on a iOS8.1.2 iPhone 6 in GERMAN you can only type NUMBERS and a Comma for IP Address. Example: 192,177,188,55 but you Need a POINT: A work around: Write the IP Adress in a eMail or other Texttool. Then copy and paste it inside the App Shortcuts

  8. Chauncy Peppertooth says:

    How can we get in touch with the developer? There is no contact information in the app or on the website.

  9. Wes Finger says:

    Hi – any news on when the Android version will be available?

  10. Helmut says:

    Hi there

    i realized a little bug in the ios app

    the separator fpr entering the ip adress is a “,” and not the needed “.”

    please help

  11. guner says:

    I have installed app shortcut on my fire tv box and also on my lg android phone when I go to the fire tv and launch app shortcuts it prompts my for a name and ip address
    I type a name in and when I put in the I[p address of the firetv and click next it pops up with an error message “there was an error connecting to the fire tv
    aalso when I download the software to my pc it downloads a zip file is that correct ?

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