App Deal: Titan Souls down from $14.99 to $7.50 [Expired]

Titan Souls, a Zelda-like game with only boss battles, has gone on sale for $7.50. This is the first time this game has ever dropped below its regular price of $14.99. In Titan Souls you have only one weapon, a bow, and only one arrow. You can shoot your one arrow as many times as you’d like, as long as you pick it back up. You also have a force-like ability (think Star Wars) which summons the arrow back to you at the cost of planting your feet, making you immobile while the arrow makes its way back to you. The game consists entirely of unforgiving boss battles. Success lies in learning each bosses movement pattern and determining their weakness in order to land a perfect shot which takes them down. What may be funner than playing this game is watching your friends and family play as their frustration level skyrockets with each death, only for them to throw up their arms in victory when they nail that precise shot in the end. This is one of the few premium games compatible with the Fire TV Stick, and of course, it’s also compatible with the Fire TV. You will however need a game controller to play.

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