App Deal: Cyboid game down from $7.49 to $3.99 [Expired]


The just released game Cyboid has gone on sale for $3.99. This is one of the few first-person shooter games available on the Fire TV and the only one with original high-speed 3D gaming, reminiscent of classic shooter games like Quake. Cyboid also offers split screen local multiplayer gaming, and it has multiple game modes and difficulty levels. The game is compatible with all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models, and works with either a remote or game controller.

  1. Galen Luth says:

    Game does not work on FTV-1 box.. It will start to load and then go back to app menu. Contacted Amazon and they did a refund and said they will tell the App Team to look into compatibility.

    • Galen,

      Sorry for the trouble!

      There was a bug which we fixed and released a new version this morning

      Our web page was updated with full information in the news section yesterday and again today

      If you had contacted us, we would have told you about the problem and offered you what we did for the other person who hit the same bug — free in app stuff

  2. Frogboy says:

    Is the local multiplayer Co-op or PvP?

  3. Both … Actually, there’s three modes for the local multiplayer:

    1. The usual “DeathMatch” where you have “infinite” lives and just keep playing.

    2. “Cooperative” where it’s friendly — and you can set “Friendly Fire” on or off, so your weapons fire does/doesn’t hurt your team mate.

    3. “Survivor” which is the same as “DeathMatch”, but with one life.

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