App Deal (and review): Tetris on sale for $1.99, down from $4.99 [Expired]

Tetris, the classic game we all know and love, is on sale right now for the Fire TV. The price is currently $1.99, down 60% from it’s regular price of $4.99. That’s the lowest price this game has ever been. What’s even better is that it’s a regular price drop and not the more common deals which reward you with Amazon coins instead of lowering the price. The game has been ported specifically for the Fire TV and looks great. You can play with either the Fire TV remote, or game controller. If you got yourself some free Appstore credit via some of the recent promotions, this is a great use of your credit before it expires at the end of the month. Read on for our mini-review. 


Too many apps for the Fire TV are poor ports of their smartphone or tablet counterparts. Thankfully that is not the case with Tetris for the Fire TV. The developers have put the time into customizing the game specifically for the Fire TV. Controls have been mapped to both the remote and game controller with a clear button guide in the games help section.


Like with most games, using the game controller is a better experience, however if you haven’t purchased one yet, you’ll be happy to hear that the game’s simple controls translate very well to the Fire TV remote. At times I find myself preferring the remote over the gamepad just for the convenience it offers when in the mood for a quick one handed game. Also, although it is not depicted in the image above, you may use the left joystick to move the Tetris pieces if you prefer it over the directional pad.


The game offers 3 game modes. The first mode, Marathon, is the classic Tetris mode where you start from level 1 and work your way up towards the final level, 15, with each level increasing in difficulty. The second mode, Ultra, has you trying to score as many points as possible in a 2 minute period. The final game mode, Sprint, sees how fast you can clear 40 lines.


If you didn’t grow up playing this classic, or if you’re not familiar with newer features such as the Ghost Piece, the game offers a thorough help section. Each help topic displays an animation demonstrating visually the topic being covered. Once again, the developers have paid attention to detail by tailoring the help topics specific to the Fire TV and its controls.

tetris-game-options tetris-gameplay tetris-gameplay-retroskin
The game doesn’t let you remap the controls, but it does give a few options to modify gameplay to your liking. The gamepad has buttons for both hard drop and soft drop, but due to the limited number of buttons available on the remote, hard drop is an option you can toggle on or off for the remote. For you Tetris veterans, you can also disable the Ghost Piece to make the game more challenging and more like the original. Speaking of the original, the game provides the option to enable a classic skin to help you reminisce of the good old days. The game also has full integration with Amazon’s gaming hub via achievements and leaderboards.

The game is well worth the $4.99 list price. At the current sale price of $1.99, it’s a no brainer. Tetris has stood the test of time for a reason. It’s easy to pick up for a quick game and just as addictive as ever if you have the time to spend. The controls are crisp, and the game both looks and runs great on the Fire TV. At just 22 MB, we’re sure Tetris will have a permanent place on our Fire TV and yours.

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