Anyone can now easily customize Alexa’s responses using Amazon’s new ‘Alexa Blueprints’

Amazon has announced Alexa Blueprints, a dead simple way to customize Alexa’s responses to questions and make your own Alexa skills without any coding. Using an easy to follow online interface, you can make Alexa give personal answers to questions, play personalized games, guide speakers with specific instructions, and more.

The idea behind Alexa Blueprints is to make it so anyone can configure an Alexa response that only occurs on your own Alexa devices. Amazon has provided several templates to get you started on making personalized Alexa responses. Templates include fun and games, like family jokes, learning and knowledge templates, like custom flashcards, home templates, like instructions for a babysitter, and storyteller templates to create personalized interactive stories that Alexa can read.

The beauty of the “Custom Q&A” Alexa Blueprint, which will likely be the one most people use, is that it doesn’t require a clumsy way of launching your custom responses. Questions you enter simply replace natural language requests made to Alexa. If you want the question “Alexa, who has the stinkiest farts” to give the response “That’s clearly [spouse’s name]” you can make it so in a matter of minutes.

Alexa Blueprints will surely be used to make jokes and poke fun at family and friends. Amazon has already provided several templates for just that purpose, so expect to see a flood of videos depicting funny responses from Alexa in the coming weeks. However, there are handy uses as well.

The houseguest and babysitter templates can be used to let Alexa help guests figure things out while you’re not around. Examples Amazon gives are instructions on how to use your entertainment system or where to find more diapers. The various storyteller templates can be remotely configured by a parent who is away on a business trip to give kids a personalized bedtime story.

There are currently 21 Alexa Blueprint templates to choose from. They are available now to all customers in the United States.

  1. Charlie says:

    Looks like fun, but I would trade it for the much needed, IMO, custom wake word, so there is no more unwanted triggering.

  2. Mark B says:

    The pet sitter one is cool. We use a pet walker service and a lot of the people who come tend to be young people who have reading comprehension problems. If they can speak to Alexa they would probably be way more into it. I can think of 50 questions they might ask. I’m def going to have to try this out

    If anyone thinks this is dumb. Check out the custom Q&A. And think about all the places you might put an Alexa or people might ask questions. Museums etc. The point is not to replace human contact or fire a host who would normally help people. You can just stick tiny echo dots everywhere and they can answer a bunch of easy questions. I can’t imagine a cheaper way of doing this I know I admit I haven’t really looked into it before.

    Same thing with the house guest one. I can see Airbnb people using this. Overall pretty interesting.

  3. Tampa8 says:

    Fist thought, this has terrific potential.

  4. AR says:

    but why don’t they add custom responses to routines?
    i can do it with GH and IFTTT

    i don’t know why they bothered with the canned response section in routines instead of just adding a field to type what you want it to say instead

    so can this be used in conjunction with smart home or routines?
    i want custom responses when turning on smart home devices and routines

  5. Mark says:

    All I want is my garage lights to turn on when my Nexx Garage opens. Still can’t do that simple task. SNH

  6. Play Man says:

    How can I store the word in flash memory on the device to rename or change the call word from Alexa?

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