Another version of Fire TV update has made an appearance

A new version of Fire TV software update seems to be making its way out to devices today. This new update carries version number, whereas the last update was version Blog reader Thomas Czisch just tweeted at me letting to let us know he has received the new update. A similar Fire TV Stick update will probably also appear soon. Since the primary version number has not changed, this new update likely does not add any new features and just fixes bugs found with the previous version. According to Thomas, this new update has further stabilized screen mirroring with the Fire TV. Amazon has updated their Fire TV Stick product page to highlight the new features that were added with the previous update, but are still listing Windows 8.1 Miracast support as “coming soon” even though it was added with the last update. They’ve likely been waiting for this new version to resolve some lingering issues before officially declaring the feature available. I’ll be sure to post my findings once I get this new update and get a chance to compare it to the previous version.


As expected, the Fire TV Stick is also getting an incremental update to version number

  1. ac says:

    Screen mirroring works from my Windows Phone, but not from my Windows 8.1 laptop. It sees the FTV but doesn’t connect at all when I tell it to. So hopefully this is now fixed.

  2. Rashad says:

    Other than replacing the launchr, custom recovery, and play store… Is there still any reason to root if i have a minix box… Running android already? I mean im happy w the expanded storage and sideloading kodi and other apps… Just wondering. Kind of a loaded question cause root is always more awesome but i just got a replacement device and the damn thing isnt rootable so im screwed either wayb

    • Chris says:

      You are not screwd. All firmware can be rooted via hardware. It is only 4 wires and removing and replacing a resistor. I just did one a few days ago. It only took like 30 min from start to finish.

      • mGuest says:

        Can you provide any link for that please, Chris?

      • Rashad says:

        that’s true, I saw the HW root, I guess what I’m getting as is I implemented the router firewall block for amazon updates holding out hope some of the later versions would get root at some point. Now that they added bluetooth support and USB storage. other than items listed above, is there a major advantage to rooting this device IF, and it’s a big IF, I already have a Minix box with full rooted android. One thing I love about the ftv is the stability, which is why im hesitant to do the hardware root option.. but, I agree with your statement and appreciate this site tremendously given without it I wouldn’t have all the functionality I have with the stock device and sideloading.

  3. Chris says:

    Check out all three links on the page above and watch the video a few times to make sure you don’t miss anything.

  4. snorkel says:

    Why were fire TVs getting bricked updating to the latest custom ROM?

    • Chris says:

      This is for people who were on a stock firmware that is not rootable using towelroot. Any firmware higher than

  5. shwru980r says:

    ALT+TAB no longer functions on with a Logitech K700 keyboard with the new update.

  6. StoopidHead says:

    Has anyone been able to get settings.apk to function correctly since the latest update came out?

    I’m trying to connect a bluetooth keyboard and settings shuts down when I go to load the bluetooth menu.

    Uninstall/reinstall also failed to fix the issue.

    • Jack says:

      Same here. I’m pissed off because I just got a bluetooth mouse to work with my fire tv stick. Turns out that amazon blocked the wifi and bluetooth options on the settings.apk sideloaded app

    • Bungieman says:

      I’m also having this issue and can’t sideload Settings.APK from ABFire anymore. Anyone have any solutions?

  7. Jack says:

    Same here. I’m pissed off because I just bought a bluetooth mouse and now it wont work with my fire tv stick because sideloaded settings.apk crashes everytime I press bluetooth. Turns out that amazon blocked the wifi and bluetooth options on the settings.apk sideloaded app*

  8. labodenhamer says:

    when will the pre-rooted version be available? Looking forward to try

  9. Tom says:

    Wow, so I haven’t used my fire tv since let’s say since last Nov. It was still on original firmware 4.1 or something like that. I had blocked updates on router and enabled the blocking also on the fire tv itself. This morning I get an email that my fire tv was updated to the newest 1.5. I was like hmm what the heck. I go check my fire tv which I haven’t used for months and yup it was on the newest firmware. How could this happen after all this time. Are there new domains out that I missed. I think I had blocked updates on my router for three addresses. Did amazon add new domains? Also I enabled block on the fire tv was that not working? I guess if Amazon added new domains then the router can’t block those if I didn’t add them. This sucks but I guess in a way it’s ok because I still have another fire tv that is on original firmware but I never plug it in. So my question is now can this new update have items side loaded still? I think my original firmware I had XBMC haha, now it’s Kodi. Any benefits now a day from root to no root? It looks like you can install Kodi without root and other items as well.

    • justino says:

      I got the same email and was worried for a minute, but no update applied.
      $ ./adb shell getprop
      bueller-user 4.2.2 JDQ39 test-keys

      So in my case updates off and dns blackhole seem to be working.


      • Tom says:

        Did you have more then three addresses blocked in router?

        • justino says:

          Just checked via gui and still on – no update pop up or anything.

          Not blocking any IP’s.
          Turned off updates with the adbfire app.
          DNS null routing ‘’

          Although it does not query for that name. Just logged all queries from boot to ‘Settings – system – about – check for system update’. pressed it and got an update error.


  10. Tom says:

    Hmmm did a lot of people get these emails but were not updated???

  11. Iggy says:

    I think it was a mass email to everyone who purchased a AFTV or Stick. I got the same email but only my AFTV had the update while my stick did not get til a couple days afterward.

  12. AnonymousFTVuser says:

    Another update after the 515030720 firmware already? I have the unrooted AFTV Box (Not the stick) with firmware Since yesterday April 19th and all day today, my AFTV Box has been bugging me to update. On the Amazon website it says 515030720 is the latest update which I already have. I have automatic updates for apps turned off. I checked to make sure that my only 2 hardware devices (Amazon game controller and Voice remote) are up to date. I live in the USA but sometimes I use VPN on my router to change my ip address to different countries. I have not accepted the update yet because I always do research before accepting updates to make sure the update wont disable KODI or stop me from using VPN. Has anyone else who has the stock firmware on the AFTV Box been notified of an update after the 15030720 firmware update?

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