Another new software update rolls out to the Amazon Fire TV Cube

Another new software update is currently rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Cube. This new update comes less than a week after the previous update arrived. While that update brought a few new equipment control options, this latest update is likely just fixing an issue that was either left out of the last update or introduced by the last update. The new update a carries the same version number as the last update, but increases the build number by one digit to NS6222/1537. Scanning through the various UI elements, I was unable to find any differences between the two version, but be sure to comment below if you find that something has been changed or fixed.

  1. Lvmykyds says:

    Got the update but it still does not fix having the ‘start of request’ sound when tv is off. It does do ‘end of request’ sound. Am I the only one with this issue?

  2. PJ says:

    Hopefully it’s a fix to the box’s ESP functionality. We sent ours back last week, after picking up an 4K pendant to replace it, because it wouldn’t play nice with the other Alexa devices in the house.

    Really seems like they released this device before it was ready for primetime.

  3. Rich Kramer says:

    Seems like the audio synch issue is fixed or did I miss that in a previous update.

    • viperware says:

      I’m away from my cube, but have audio sync issues as well. It is offset by 0.4 seconds. I never saw this problem documented so I thought it was something screwy on my end. Interested to see if mine is fixed now.

  4. Brian says:

    After this update my Vizio soundbar no longer works with volume or mute. It does still tuen on and off. I have tried to re-set it up but it wants to use the IR remote to learn functions and that still does not work. I hope they release a fix soon.

    • Brian says:

      I have the same issue and keep checking for a new update to fix this. Issue started on 7/27/18 when my sytem updated but I di not have this problem prior to the update. Hoping new update will fix it soon.

  5. Lvmykyds says:

    I spoke with Amazon and they are aware of this problem and hope to release an update soon.

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