Another new Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software update released — Versions and

It’s been only 3 weeks since the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick began receiving the previous software update, but that isn’t stopping Amazon from pushing out yet another update. The new updates, that just started making their way to devices, carry version numbers for the Fire TV and version number for the Fire TV Stick. Oddly enough, Amazon has already updated their software page to list the new version. They usually don’t update the software page until the majority of device have received the new software version.

Amazon says this new update contains “minor bug fixes and performance improvement.” Since it’s coming so soon after the last update, I don’t expect it to contain many changes. Perhaps Amazon needed this update to do some last minute fine tuning of the upcoming shopping feature before remotely activating it. I’ll have a full overview of this update, just like I did for the previous version, shortly.

  1. Dave in Maine says:

    Thanks Elias. I hope Amazon will also add the ability to create folders in the video Watchlist on the Fire TV and on PC at some point. I’ve got about 70 movies and TV shows in my Watchlist and they are all lumped together in one list. Scrolling to side trying to find one you want is tedious. We need to be able to sort by genre, year, etc.

  2. Chase says:

    Since this update, my FireTV Stick now connects to my enterprise Cisco Meraki MR-18 AP without disassociating from the AP every 10 min. Hooray!

  3. HeffeD says:

    Does anyone else always have inaccurate install dates when updating the software? I just updated to this version, and the installed date is July 8th…

  4. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Does anyone has found what’s new in this latest update for the FireTV and for the FireTV-Stick??

  5. Stephen says:

    I currently have Version (Fire TV Stick).

    I have tried to manually update to the latest version, but to no avail…Is this due to the update not being yet available in my area (suburban New Orleans)?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Fire TV and Fire TV Stick updates go out randomly, as far as I can tell. It’s based on the area you live in. There’s nothing you can do to manually update or speed up when you receive the update.

      One thing worth noting is, each Fire TV device has a specific random place in line for when it receives updates, and that place in line never changes. So if you have a Fire TV that is one of the first ones to get updated, that will always be the case. Likewise, if you’re Fire TV gets updated after most others have already updated, that too will always happen with future updates.

  6. Chris says:

    Sideloaded Kodi still working?

  7. Richard says:

    Sadly, the update on 8/17 ruined my Fire TV’s usability. I have to unplug device and plug back in every use.

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