Another minor software update is rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV 3

Less than a week after the previous update, another new software update is currently rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV 3. This update carries the same software version, but bumps the build number up by one digit from NS6210/401 to NS6210/402.

Since the Fire TV 3 is the first device to run Fire OS 6 and Amazon chose not to have a developer preview of the new operating system prior to releasing the Fire TV 3, it’s to be expected that numerous issues will be found and addressed during these first few weeks of the device’s availability. That’s likely why we’re seeing numerous minor updates come out within a few days of each other, when Amazon normally releases Fire TV updates about once a month.

Once again, there’s no way to know what changes this latest update makes. The only updated on Amazon’s Fire TV Device Software Updates page is a change of the build number from 0000033657220 to 0000033657476. Notably, the build number displayed by the Fire TV 3 still does not match or resemble the published build number at all.

If you notice any changes at all with this latest software update, please mention them down below in the comments.

  1. Derek says:

    Only kodi applikation is zoomed in. Even agter a Full reset

  2. Luis says:

    After one of these updates, can’t pinpoint exactly which one, I’ve been having network issues. I keep getting “Home Currently Unavailable” and when I check the network status it says “Not Connected to Internet.” It’s very frustrating.

  3. william rock says:

    have no way to access Downloader browser to finish app installation

  4. Megazildjian says:

    Kodi has choppy playback on FTV3. Wonder if firmware can be downgraded to v5 to see if that fixes the issue. Both my FTVS2’s have smooth playback, it’s just FTV3 that has the issues. Is it firmware related?

  5. Rex Fultz says:

    I have trouble getting the picture to fill screen. Top is about 8 inches from bottom and the balance is at the bottom. Have tried everything to fix nothing works. Any help greatly appreciated.

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