Android TV 13 has finally officially been released

Android 13, for phones and tablets, has been available for nearly half a year now, but that’s not true for the TV variant of Google’s operating system. While people are already starting to talk about the upcoming features of Android 14, Android TV 13 has been unavailable on any device. That has finally changed because Google recently updated its developer page with the final release of Android TV 13, as spotted by 9to5Google.

As should be expected with its first release, Android TV 13 is currently only available for the ADT-3 developer device from Google. While that doesn’t really mean much to most people, it, at least, gets the very slow ball rolling for the new streaming device operating system to someday be released to a consumer device.

As for what’s new in Android TV 13, it’s mostly behind-the-scenes changes. A couple of the very few front-facing updates include a new way to handle picture-in-picture content, such as video conference calls with multiple participants, and new low power/standby modes.

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  1. aross76 says:

    This is very bad news, I liked it better when Google didn’t update Android TV/ Google TV.
    they are going to block sideloading in Android 14 for ph nes from what I heard.
    only way to sideload will be through USB ADB no OTA ADB and not other way either.
    won’t surprise me if thy make it even harder or not possible at all on Anrdoid TV.
    Also I rely on some smarthome apps that are 32 bit and no longer run on android 64 bit, and there is no back compatibility,
    Google is going the way of Apple.
    while Apple has been forced to allow sideloading and to stop revoking in EU.
    IF Google continues this behavior I am switching back to IOS.
    All Google does is break thing and remove features anyways their whole ecosystem is a rapidly devolving outhouse fire
    and most of the apps and features I came to rely on have been removes ,broken or replaces with far inferior garbage which is completely useless to me.
    Google sucks and I hope they die soon.

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