American Fire TVs now accept UK and German Amazon Accounts


Early adopters overseas who have imported American Fire TVs can rejoice as the latest Fire TV software update, version, which is rolling out now has added full compatibility for UK and German Amazon accounts. Prior to this update, an American Fire TV purchased from would not work with foreign Amazon accounts. That has changed because, if you’re running the latest software version, you can now login with either a UK or German Amazon account and have full access to region specific content, including each country’s unique Prime Video selection and appstore content. Even the Fire TV timezone gets updated to each countries local time. You just need to go into the Fire TV settings, login with a UK or German account, and select the “Sync Amazon Content” option. This news is yet another hint that American and International Fire TVs will likely be identical and interchangeable.

If you are rooted and want UK or German compatibility but don’t want to lose root, I recommend you do not update. A pre-rooted version of that you can install manually is in the works. Stay tuned.


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  1. Bal says:

    If you have PIN on purchase enabled then a UK device wont let you play a video as you can only enter 5 digits but can only set a 4 digit pin when you goto the pin settings page… I have no disabled PIN on purchase and can play video from prime…

    Also worth noting if you had parental control enabled like I did too you will need to deregister and register the device as you get locked of the settings pages as the old 5 digit pin you set is no longer valid..

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