AMC releases app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

AMC has just released an app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The app provides on demand access to a small selection of in-season full episodes if you activate the app with a subscription TV provider. If you don’t activate the app, you’re limited to only watch “extras,” which are short episode clips, sneak peeks, and behind the scenes videos. The app description says “many” season premiere episodes will be available to watch without needing to activate the app. There is no option for a live stream of what’s currently airing on the cable network.

The main screen of the app lists a single horizontally scrolling list of TV shows. There are currently 18 shows listed. Highlighting a show will indicate how many full episodes are available to stream if the app is activated. Many shows, like Breaking Bad, have no full episodes available to stream.

Selecting a show will bring up a season selector on the left and the episodes in the season on the right. Below each season label is a summary of how many full episodes are available and if there are extras for that season to view. Next to each full episode is an indicator of how many days that particular episode will be available to stream through the app.

Each season of a show has a dedicated extras page which lists all the extras. These can be viewed without activating the app. The extras are separated by episode. Extras include discussion panels with the show creators, making of videos, behind the scenes videos, season summary videos, fan art galleries, and much more.

The AMC app also has a movies section, but the available content is slim. Currently, there are only 4 movies available to stream. All 4 movies say they have 29 days left to watch, so since it’s currently the beginning of the month, it seems movies get cycled at the start of each month.

Lastly, the app has a basic search function and a settings page with the usual assortment of closed caption and login options.

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  1. TechyChris says:

    Great News for The Walking Dead fans …Fear season premier on Sunday!

    • Candice Mohr says:

      Do i need a cable subscription to watch these shows on my amazon fire tv

      • James says:

        I’m still trying to figure out how to order plans, and what not. It isn’t easy, that’s for sure. Still your question is a fairly straighttfoward one. You’ll need cable WiFi, but not cable TV. WiFi is over the air. To use WiFi, you’ll have to have a router, and pay your cable subscriber for it. Luckily Wifi is much cheaper then cable TV. You can also purchase your own router, and save on the monthly cable rental fees.

        I’ve always had a computer, but I think you’ll also need that to make plan purchases. Luckily PC based tablets have largely come down in price. There is also the public library, but I’m not exactly sure how safe that would. Still I’m guessing you have a computer, or you couldn’t have posted.

        So what you’ll need

        1. Cable plan wt WiFi
        2. Router ( you can rent from them, or purchase seperately)
        3. Access to a computer to authorize Amazon purchases

        • James says:

          Oh and different plans, have different channels. Also plans dictate if your able to watch a show in real time or not.

          It does require a lot of web surfing to figure this all out, but luckily plans have a 30 day free trial, so if you got the wrong plan you can cancel. I did, and I think it’s because Firestick television is kinda difficult to understand, at least for newbies. There will be a lot of free program previews, and I’m never quite sure if I purchased something or not.

          • Laurie J Stephens says:

            I didn’t read anything about streaming, just kept trying to watch “The walking dead” I caught two shows then got the “your sneak peak is over”
            Make sure you read everything or you won’t get to finish, like me.
            Wish we could go back to free tv. Ha

          • James says:

            I know that you get AMC wt Sling TV on the Fire Stick, for $30 a month plus the costof high speed Intenet. I bought my own, and rent it from Comcrap for $80 a month. Generally the wires for Internet are newer, and I experience much less television prolems now.

          • Jame says:

            Don’t use the AMC app though. Just go to AMC in the sling App

          • James says:

            Not cable TV, but you will need cable WiFi hooked up to your router. Wifi costs vary, but I have Blast for $80. Plus the subscription to you’re streaming service $30 to $40. Still you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

            Oh yeah Comcast charges a $10 router rental fee. I get around this by owning a router. It cost abut $150, but since I’ve had it two years now, it’s already paid for itself. Plus I have a lot less problems wt my own router. Yes, my cable still occasionally goes down, but I have a lot less of the time. Comcast’s were so cheap and old, it went down frequently, and only lasted about 6 months. Why exactly would anyone rent a terrible router from Comcast for $120 a year, ans since I’ve had mine two years now, it’s paid for itself. Still whether you rent or buy a router, streaming gives you a cleaner picture, and sound. Comcast’s TV lines are basically falling apart, while their high speed Internet lines, while not perfect are marginally better.

            One note although you can watch most programing On Demand wt Fire TV, you can’t wt AMC. So in order to watch the Walking Dead, you’ll have to catch it when it airs, or you can you can watch it when it replays. AMC replays The Walking Dead replays several times on Sun., before and after the original showing, so you should be fine.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Joe D says:

    No option to sign in with Time Warner Cable / Spectrum unfortunately.

    • Leah Gustin says:

      I know, this is bullsh*t

      • Delmont says:

        We have watched 4 shows via this app. All are not in HD and are quite fuzzy, pixelated. Anyone else seeing this? App is total crap at this point.

        • Karole says:

          Same. Looks like it was filmed in 480p

        • Walking Dead Fan 101 says:

          Still total crap way to go AMC they dropped the ball again.

        • KS says:

          Such unbelievably poor quality. Unwatchable, plus season 8 so far is kind of meh.

        • Ozzie says:

          You right, the quality is horrible. I seem better quality on a pirated copy. However, there is a workaround to get better quality by using the FireTV Mirror display and an Android phone.

          1. enable the fireTV Mirror Display by going to settings > Display and Sounds and click Enable Display Mirroring.
          2. look for your FireTV on your Android phone, if you have a Samsung: scroll down your notification bar with 2 fingers and look for Smart View. Google “how to mirror display” if you have a different android phone brand.

          This workaround only work with Android phones, for Apple phones you need an appleTV.

  4. Charles Dickinson says:

    Why does my subscription for Time Warner Cable / Spectrum not work??? I don’t understand.

  5. phaze says:

    It does NOT play video’s with DishNetwork “Sorry, we can’t play this right now” = pile of crap.

  6. Kelley says:

    There is no pause stop or back button with it. I have dtvnow but can’t pause. Frustrating

  7. oppman29 says:

    wonder why it doesnt work for me on the latest rooted rom

  8. DHertel says:

    Researching what to buy, sling isn’t compatible with our Samsung tv, Roku didn’t work and their tech support said to return it! Does anything play the current Walking Dead? We can’t afford cable, dish or direct tv anymore.

    • Jeff says:

      Did you ever find a solution?

      • Bob says:

        We have the Amazon Fire TV with the AMC app.

        • Jeff Davis says:

          I watched the episode from last weekend and it still wasn’t in HD. It’s terrible

        • Angie Battle says:

          I just got the fire stick and downloaded AMC for walking dead. I am not getting why do I need a tv provider to watch it. My purpose is to get rid of satellite and watch tv on my fire stick through internet. Am I missing something here or am I understanding it correctly?

          • KS says:

            You certainly can! That’s what I do. The hard part is just that the quality is garbage for me. Many using this same method have said the same. I watch it on my laptop instead. I just got chrome cast and that seems to work better than the fire stick AMC app.

  9. Ictinike says:

    No Spectrum? [Old Time Warner Cable?]
    Come on now used to work!

  10. Jaysun Birdman says:

    The app absolutely sucks! It will not play anything. It says “cannot play video at this time”. I’ve been trying to use it for months.

  11. Kevin Rudolph Chavez says:

    No option for century link. This is all kinda bullshit.

  12. Amy says:

    Why isn’t in in HD? Video is very fuzzy

  13. Angela says:

    This app really sucks. I’ve been trying to use it on my firestick and direct tv now but it won’t play the available full episode. I get an error code “Network connection error. Check connectivity and try again”. My network connection is FINE… UGH

  14. Gino Desantis says:

    So fuzzy
    Is it Morgan or Rick

  15. Jeff Davis says:

    Please advise when the shows will be in HD…. ugh

  16. Julie says:

    This doesn’t work for me—the AMC app isn’t working because I don’t have an internet/cable provider. I use my WiFi hotspot. Such a bummer!

  17. Tina M Tactikos says:

    I just watched the first 2 episodes of season 8 of walkinh dead now it says I need to activate but I dont even have cable only firestick and internet anyone know how to fix this so I can keep watching

  18. Shane Gardner says:

    I am having the same issue with my fire stick. Tells me I have to do activation code but my provider isn’t listed. AMC is really messy things up with this.

  19. Nancy says:

    I can’t even get an access code and I have a provider.It sends me to the login in for my provider but it does not work because I have yet to find how to get the access code.

  20. Shelly says:

    The app doesn’t work half the time! How extremely frustrating!

  21. James Rhodes says:

    I don’t have a tv provider , so how can I get it to work!

  22. Frank says:

    Is the AMC app down? I have a Firestick and used the app before but ever since yesterday it won’t open! It just sits there with a spinning circle. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. All my other TV Network apps work, but AMC!

  23. Steph says:

    Ugh. Got the firestick. Thought we could watch the show with it after DLing the AMC app. But now it wants us to log in to our provider. We just got rid of our provider and got the firestick! That was the whole point. So dumb. And no one cares about the “extras” thing that you can watch. I wanna see the episode.

  24. Nancy63 says:

    I was successful in getting the app to load and selected the episode I wanted and all I get is “Loading…..”. It has to be FireTV because I am able to watch the episode from my phone to Chromecast to my other tv.

  25. Lizzy says:

    I can’t even get the episode I want to watch to play when I click the box with it in it

  26. Scott says:

    The AMC streaming apps constantly glitch? I never have this issue with Hulu, Netflix, HBO or even FXNow which also posts commercials. No matter if it’s on my phone, computer, fire stick or appletv it freezes loading, skips around, even jumps backwards or just want load. Overall it sucks. Can they not hire better app developers? No one else seems to have achieved the level of suck the AMC guys have achieved with your app.

  27. John Baca says:

    I get an error code when I try to watch the walking dead, the error reads, 0066 No account returned from UPDA, how can I fix this???

  28. Lew Surratt says:

    App sucks

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