Amazon’s self-built Omni and 4-Series Fire TV Smart TVs are on sale for the first time — Up to $150 off

The Amazon-built Fire TV Smart TVs that were just released last month have gone on sale for the first time. For the Fire TV Omni Series, which is the premium version that features hands-free voice capabilities (in addition to the voice remote) like the Fire TV Cube, has the 50-inch on sale for $359.99 and the 55-inch on sale for $409.99. Both of those prices are $150 off the regular price of $509.99 and $559.99, respectively. The Fire TV 4-Series, which has standard voice capabilities through the remote, has the 50-inch on sale for $329.99 and the 55-inch on sale for $379.99. Those prices are $140 off the regular prices of $469.99 and $519.99, respectively. These are all 4K TVs with support for HDR10 and come with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Unfortunately, the larger 65-inch and 75-inch Omni models, which are the only ones that support Dolby Vision, are not on sale, nor are the 43-inch models. These deals are comparable to the ones currently going on for other Fire TV Smart TVs. Compared to Insignia Fire TV Smart TVs, which tend to have the lowest prices of all Fire TV Smart TV models, the 50-inch Amazon 4-Series is $20 less than the comparable Insignia model, while the 55-inch 4-Series is $10 more than the comparable Insignia model.

  1. sucker says:

    I mean I knew they’d go on sale. But to see the 50″ already below the preorder price is just rude lol. Oh well, that’s what I get for breaking my rule about preordering things.

  2. TechyChris says:

    Elias, I know you posted about these TV’s last month and there’s some speculation that they are actually manufactured (at least in part) by TCL.
    Since you used these term “Self Built” in the title I was curious if there is anymore information about this. Did Amazon actually build it’s own factory and hire its own employees to manufacture these TV’s? OR is this more of a “Contract Manufacturing” Deal were (TCL) dedicates a production line in one of their factories and slaps the Amazon label on at the end? I will assume either way they are made somewhere in Asia. Thanks for the info!

    • There really isn’t a major electronics company that builds its own factories and hires its own employees anymore. Everything is contracted out to existing factories, including all of Amazon’s own devices. The best way to think about these TVs is that with other Fire TV Smart TVs, the brand (Toshiba, Insignia, etc …) was in charge and Amazon provided guidance as a co-pilot. But with these self-built TVs, Amazon took the wheel. For example, these Amazon TVs have an IR Emitter port for controlling home theater equipment by voice (like a Fire TV Cube can) whereas if these TVs were branded TCL, they likely would have had a composite TV adapter port instead, like all other TCL TVs.

      TCL on the left, Fire TV on the right:

  3. karim bydoun says:

    Dear Elias,
    What’s your expectation price for the black friday deal on Fire tv stick 4K MAX? Or you think it won’t get discounted ?
    I’m planning to change my 3 stick with the MAX.

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