Amazon’s own brand of Fire TV Smart TVs have just dropped to new lowest prices ever — Now up to 40% off

Amazon has just dropped the prices of its own line of Fire TV Smart TVs to new all-time lows. Ever since their arrival late last year, Amazon’s own Omni Series and 4-Series line of Fire TV Smart TVs have been available for less than list price more often than not, but today’s drop is significantly lower than they have ever been in the past, especially for the larger sizes. The largest 75″ Omni Series, which has a list price of $1,099.99, has been as low as $899.99 in the past, but is now available for $749.99. The 65″ Omni Series, which has a list price of $829.99, is discounted the most. It has been as low as $599.99 in the past, but has now dropped another $100 to $499.99. Here is a breakdown of all the TVs, what their previous low prices were, and where they’ve dropped down to today.

As a quick reminder, the primary difference between the Omni Series and the 4-Series TVs is that both come with Alexa Voice Remotes, but the Omni Series TVs also have built-in microphones (which can be disabled via a physical switch) for hands-free use, just like a Fire TV Cube. The only other difference to note is that they all support HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range formats, but only the 65″ Omni Series and 75″ Omni Series models also support Dolby Vision.

All of these TVs are powered by a quad-core 1.5GHz CPU with 2GB of RAM. They all have 16GB of internal storage, 802.11ac WiFi 5, Ethernet, 4 HDMI ports (1 eARC), USB 2.0, built-in OTA tuners, optical audio out, and headphone jacks. They all run Fire OS 7 and it has been shown that these TVs are almost certainly being manufactured by TCL for Amazon.

  1. Cesar W Gonzalez says:

    There is a lot of negative reviews which are not address by Amazon.
    I’m a little skeptical about this product.

  2. simplyrockin says:

    I got the 4-Series 55″ on launch. I like it. Nothing “wow” but it does the job and the Fire OS integration is amazing. But I got a Recast/Fire Tablet/Fire Sticks etc etc. So I’m neck deep and comfortable in the environment. My PS5 would probably appreciate something with a little more bells and whistles but it does the job.

  3. The CPU and RAM are underwhelming at best. Amazon should focus more on providing a performance model across all of its Tablets, Sticks, Cube and TV’s. I’d like to see a TV with 4 GB of RAM and at least a quad core 2.5 GHz CPU.

    • Kevin Burkhead says:

      They are just like apple with the iphone. Apple barely improves an iphone and comes out with a newer model. They can take it a lot further but they know people with buy a new one cause they have to have the newest. Crazy as heck!

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