Amazon’s next Echo will reportedly be smaller and sound better

Amazon has expanded their Echo line quite a bit since the release of the original Amazon Echo, but it sounds like they’re now working on the original’s successor. A source tells Engadget that Amazon is planning to release the 2nd-generation Amazon Echo this fall. THe new device is supposed to improve on the current model in every way, including size, appearance, and audio quality.

Engadget’s source, who claims to have seen a pre-production version of the new Echo, says it is both shorter and slimmer than the current model. They say it’s about the height of 3 or 4 Amazon Echo Dots, which would make it about the size of the Amazon Tap. It’s size isn’t the only thing that will resemble the Tap, because it’s also said to have “rounded edges and a cloth-like covering,” which sounds a lot like the Tap’s characteristics.

The source says, despite the new Echo’s smaller footprint, that it will sound better than the original. One way the new model will improve audio quality is by including “several tweeters this time, instead of just relying on one large tweeter.” Improvements will also be made with the device’s microphones, but no details were given.

Details about the price of the new Amazon Echo were not given, but considering the Echo’s biggest competitor, the Google Home, is $50 less than the Echo at $130, I would expect Amazon to price the new Echo aggressively and come in around $130.

  1. Jimmy says:

    Smart move. Play off of Apple introducing its new speaker and price it in half.

  2. tech3475 says:

    I wonder if well see a stereo echo, particularly if they want to push Amazon music.

    One reason I didnt bother picking up the echo was that I thought the dot was good enough for casual listening and for anything more serious I prefer stereo.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I think, even with the release of a 2nd-gen Echo, the Echo Show will still be their most premium device for music. It has a pair of stereo speakers and sounds great.

      • tech3475 says:

        The only downside (besides availability outside of the us) is if you dont want the screen.

        Looking at the prices, I wonder if a stereo echo could be released for about the same price as the regular echo and/or perhaps make it portable?

  3. Peter says:

    If they make it portable like the tap i’d upgrade my current tap!
    (bluetooth for external Speakers would be nice to for an option)

    • harmony sucks says:

      have you looked into the battery addons for the full sized echo? they have solid reviews and slip on the bottom of the echo.

      • Peter says:

        I did actually before getting a refurb dot. Having the dock is so easy so you don’t have to fiddle with cables. It comes down to how much you want to spend and convenience. I doubt you could ask a echo or dot with an add on battery how much battery is left lol . . . who knows?

  4. Purple lady says:

    The sound of the Echo is so bad that almost any change would be an improvement. The Dot is much better because I can use my own speakers.

  5. Lisa says:

    I actually think that the Echo has great sound, I was pleasantly surprised.

  6. jimberkas says:

    I have a ton of amazon’s alexa powered speakers and love the. Echo is due for an update.

    but whats the status on the Lenovo Smart Assistant? That thing was supposed to be out in May…

  7. Gaz says:

    I have the Dot connected to my TV’s sound bar via Bluetooth for music (TV is connected via optical) and it sounds fantastic. This is just for casual listening anyway.

    When I am not playing music, I find the Dot’s speaker to be fine.

    If I want to listen to quality music, I put on a record and listen to my HiFi.

    If I want loud music, I pull out my 160W guitar amp and 2x 400W stacks and plug into that. Maybe not the most ideal setup, but guaranteed to get the police over if you turn it up too far.

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