Amazon’s new redesigned Fire TV interface begins arriving on Fire TV Sticks today

Amazon has informed me that the new updated Fire TV interface that was revealed earlier this year will start rolling out today through a software update. The completely redesigned interface is being released to newer Fire TV models first and will arrive on older models early next year.

The Fire TV Stick Lite and the Fire TV Stick 3, both released in 2020, will be the first Fire TV models to receive the update interface. Amazon hasn’t said which models will be next to receive the redesigned interface, apart from saying that “additional devices will follow through early 2021.

This new interface is the first major redesign to come to the Fire TV since 2016, when the current interface was released. In addition to rearranging the navigation bar and app placement, the new interface will add user profile capabilities to the Fire TV that allow up to six people in a household to customize the device and receive personalized recommendations. There is also a new app capability that allows you to “scroll over supported apps to quickly peek at what’s inside and begin playback.”

Given that this is such a significant change to devices, it’s probably safe to assume that it will be rolling out very slowly. Only a small set of 2020 Fire TV Sticks will receive the update today, with more being eligible in the coming days and weeks. There is no way to force your device to update to the new interface or to install it manually. All you can do is go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates to see if it’s your device’s turn to get the new interface.

  1. Travis M says:

    Man, I wish the Fire TV Cube were included this month

    • Mike Blakeslee says:

      I upgraded from 2 of my sticks to, (2) Seconds Gen Cubes.

      You would think a company would send a major design update to their most capable, fastest, and most powerful device in the current lineup!

      But no, not Jeffy Pooh’s company,
      let’s send it to the Fire Stick Gen 1 refurb,
      ya know,

      that little bs stick lite and while we’re at it,

      making smart decision and whatnot,

      we might as well toss it the *New* Non 4K Stick,
      we know those two loyal early adopters who own ‘em will love that.

      As for the rest of our sad, window liking, gullible fan base,
      tell’m well toss something their way sometime during 2021…

      Actually ya know what,
      let’s leak something that hints the S L O W release will be around January – March but we’ll actually toss it out for ‘em closer to June – August after everyone has gotten the COVID VACCINE and life slowly returns to normal and less and less people are home to enjoy the new designs and features we’re including in the update!!!


      • TLP says:

        Never mind that the Cube and 4K stick guys are looking for a premium experience and would most benefit from an updated UI. Also, for good measure let’s break the Cube Gen2 SSO (Single Sign On) feature that will not work if you change cable providers.

      • Ashara says:

        Its coming be patient and dont cry.

  2. clocks says:

    For anyone that has both the new and 4k sticks, can you tell any usability/speed difference from the smaller amount of ram (1.5 vs 2gb?

  3. Gene says:

    What is the library section for? Library of apps or personal content?

  4. Randy says:

    Why not the Fire TV Stick 4K or the newer Fire TV Cube? These are both as or more powerful than the 2 new sticks that were just released and they’re the only 4K capable Amazon devices.

  5. FIRECRACKER says:

    Anyone know if the firestick 4K will get os7 update?

  6. Mike Lamp says:

    My element fire television does not show this update when it starts and defaults to the Amazon home screen. But if I hit the prime video button on the remote I do see it. Interesting.

  7. TechyChris says:

    Two Questions:
    1. Can the user profiles feature be turned off? (in my case it’s just another useless step to click through)
    2. How well does this interface play with sideloaded apps? (If they start getting hidden way down in the menus it will become a major issue for me.)

  8. Scott Sharp says:

    Looks a whole lot like the Chromecast/Google TV interface.

  9. Scooby says:

    These previews came out in early December. We’re in Feb and this update still hasn’t been pushed to the market… what gives?

  10. Neil says:

    I’ve noticed on the 4K sticks in the UK a Live option has been added to the regular interface, I only assume in advance of this update. However, February is nearly over, what gives, where is the update?

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